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Title: Bondstories
Publisher: Alternities Press
Editor(s): Joyce Fuller Kleikamp and Leslie Haunten
Date(s): 1990-1996
Medium: print zine
Genre: het
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Bondstories is a het Beauty and the Beast (TV) anthology edited by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp and Leslie Hunten.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Ana Rita Elias-Terry

Bondstories 1 -- "The Romance Continues" was published in July 1990 and contains 176 pages.

The art is by Ana Rita Elias-Terry. The editors are Joyce Fuller Kleikamp and Leslie Hunten.

It is "Dedicated to our husbands with love and appreciation."

The editors' foreword:

We hope you enjoy reading "Bondstories -- The Romance Continues". We feel that Vincent and Catherine's emotions and inner thoughts are as much a part of their stories as are dialogue and description. In "Bondstories" we have attempted to touch a deeper, more meaningful level of understanding in order for the power, mystery and wonder of their love to become apparent.

Some of the stories into a more experimental realm of fiction, others are flights of magical fantasy. Most are of the "classic" genre, based upon the first two seasons or resolving the third. In acknowledgment of Ron Koslow's development of "Beauty and the Beast", several smaller pieces touch upon Vincent's existence without Catherine. These few pages, if taken alone, reflect the third season story- line, yet in the context of Bondstories remind us that sacrifice and loss are as much a part of life (and dreams) as love and fulfillment. Throughout all of these pages we hope you will be warmed and heartened by the truth of their love and the eternal nature of their bond. Beauty and the Beast Catherine and Vincent.


  • poem by Joyce Fuller Kleinkamp (1)
  • A Winter's Tale by Liza Mills (2)
  • I'm Here (The Sacrifice) by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp ("Elliot Burch's love for Catherine leads him to the most painful and noble sacrifice of his life and an answer to Vincent's darkest question.") (5)
  • I Know You by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (42)
  • Aftermath by Leslie Hunten ("In Aftermath, Vincent says, 'There is that in me that feeds on the darkness ... and I am lost in it.' Hidden emotions haunt both Vincent ad Catherine after the violence inflicted upon the tunnel world by The Outsiders. This conflict initiates their search for a new level of truth between them.") (43)
  • The God of My Idolatry by Leslie Hunten (60)
  • A Dream Come True by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (61)
  • Image of Love by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (79)
  • My Soul is Yours by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (80)
  • The Gift by Leslie Hunten ("A twist of fate saves Catherine from Gabriel's death sentence, but unbearable longing for her child brings another threat to her life.") (81)
  • Be a Lamp by the Bahai Writings (106)
  • Hold Me by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (107)
  • Alone by Leslie Hunten (109)
  • Cry of Anguish by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (110)
  • Love by Dixie Power Casero (111)
  • Love's Hidden Tapestry by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (113)
  • In the Company of Angels by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (128)
  • Of Courage and Love by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (129)
  • Episode 45 The Rest is a Happy Life by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp ("A soothing and wonderful of Catherine and Vincent for souls who remain unhealed from Season Three.") (139)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Good artwork & fiction, also some poetry. Mostly 1st and 2nd season spinoffs and elaborations (Classic) but some deal with Vincent alone or SND 3rd season. Prose a little on the purple side but, hey, that's romance, right? “Aftermath,” by Hunten, an exception to the previous comment, is a good story spinning off the end of “The Outsiders.” Handsome cover by Ana Rita Elias-Terry. Interior art, also by Elias-Terry, is good-looking, too, framed in Celtic-style borders.[1]

Stories focusing on the eternal love of Catherine and Vincent.[2]

This zine offers readers a collection of stories set in the 1st and 2nd season time frames as well as three alternate 3rd season story lines. In several stories Vincent finally works through his fears and insecurities to love Catherine totally. The Gift" and The Rest Is A Happy Life" offers us alternate versions of the 3rd season, in the first, Vincent rescues Catherine and his son; in the second, 3rd season is a fever dream. Readers should note that in "Courage And Love" Catherine beats Vincent up to demonstrate her certainty that he is incapable of hurting her.[3]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Ana Rita Elias-Terry

Bondstories 2 -- "The Power of Love" was published in April 1991 and contains 201 pages. The art is by Jackie Kapke and Ana Rita Elias-Terry.

From the editorial:

Publishing Bondstories has been a thrilling experience, a consummately challenging and fulfilling exercise in creative expression. It has been especially heartwarming to read so many letters of comment expressing enthusiasm for Bondstories... The Romance Continues. "A terrific zine," "one of my very favorites," "beautiful," and "a must-have zine." We are inspired by those of you who exclaimed, "can't wait for Bondstories II!" With this new volume, we look forward to hearing from you again. Let us know what thoughts and feelings we aroused. Help us create future zines that touch your hearts and delight you imaginations.

We continue to place major emphasis on the bond, that common heartsong of empathetic communication that unites Vincent and Catherine, to explore it secrets, discover its magic and power, and celebrate its very existence. The stories, poems, and artwork presented herin form a tapestry of enchantment, woven with multi-colored threads of deep emotion and thought, and an occasional flight of fancy.

In Volume II, we are pleased to introduce a guest artist, Jackie Kapke and a guest author, Andrea Dumasias. Both women have had their work published in other Beauty and the Beast publications and we are happy to welcome them to the team.

  • Alone with the Dawn, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp
  • Kindred Spirits by Leslie Hunten (a finding/capture of Mouse story) (1)
  • Angel's Counsel, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (23)
  • Lifeline's Return by Andrea Dumasius (24)
  • Crystal Locket, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (56)
  • All Colors Are Claimed, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (57)
  • My Heart Was Captured, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (59)
  • Innocent Transgression by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp ("Vincent's suppressed desire for Catherine overwhelms in in Innocent Transgression. An emotionally charged examination of the power and magic of their bond.") (60)
  • Only Truth, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (102)
  • Whispers of Anguish, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (104)
  • Veritas Te Liberatem by Leslie Hunten ("Vincent goes into the kingdom of Hades and Persephone to recover Catherine. A compelling mythic journey in which all wrongs are set right and Vincent and Catherine achieve their deserved happiness.") (105)
  • Be With Me, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (133)
  • Levels by Leslie Hunten (134)
  • Our Bond, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (139)
  • Your Love, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (140)
  • Episode 56—Yesterday's Shadows by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (141)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

Fewer, longer stories than in B-1. Again, some poetry. All Classic, Continued Classic, & SND stories, including a vivid and well executed “finding/capture of Mouse” story, “Kindred Spirits” by Hunten. Hunten's “Veritas Te Liberatem” in which Vincent goes into the kingdom of Hades and Persephone to recover Catherine, is given a chance to alter the course of events, blows it, and achieves a happy resolution through a very literal deus ex machina (Charon intervenes, through Gabriel's ring) is also good reading, as is the final novelette, “Episode 56-Yesterday's Shadows” by Kleikamp, in which a comatose Catherine is located by Diana and then rescued and helped to recovery by Vincent. Sure, it's become a familiar scenario, but time and thought were taken in this telling to explore the situation. The art is mostly Celtic borders and rose dingbats. Another handsome (and matching) cover from Ana Rita Elias-Terry. Overall, a well produced and good-looking zine.[4]

This second volume of the series contains 6 stories, most of which focus on Catherine's return. Diana appears in "Episode 5 6 - Yesterday's Shadows"and finds Catherine alive but seriously ill. In "Veritas Te Liberatem," Vincent journeys to Hades and receives another chance. Vincent's suppressed desire for Catherine overwhelms him in "Innocent Transgression" and Mouse is found in "Kindred Spirits.[5]

Issue 3

copy of cover of issue #3, Ana Rita Elias-Terry

Bondstories 3 -- "Living the Dream" was published in 1991 and contains 178 pages. Art information: Ana Rita Elias-Terry, Andrea Dumasius, Rosemarie Hauer, and Jackie Kapke.

"Take note of the last page of this volume. You'll find a questionnaire to fill out and return to us, which will give you a chance to win a free copy of Bondstories IV!"

From the editorial:

Welcome to Bondstories III...Living the Dream, in which we celebrate the ever-evolving relationship of Vincent and Catherine. Join us as we present Classic fiction of the most compelling and romantic style. In "Beauty and the Beast" we learned a valuable lesson of life - an understanding that the journey is as important as the destination. That elusive, longed-for state of being "truly together" exists as one of many different seasons in the life that began the night they met. The patient development of their relationship is as essential as any future prospect of union. Growing closer, becoming intimate, discovering each other's inner nature, learning maturity and selflessness, purifying one's desires - these also are living the dream.

Our goal is to honor the characters, explore the fantasy, and seek new frontiers in which to experience the dream. We hope you will find as much enjoyment in reading this fanzine as we have in creating it. It is with a sense of fulfillment that we receive LOCs from readers who have appreciated our efforts.

"Your collection has a special quality that sets it apart. Your overall perspective and exploration of the uniqueness of Vincent and Catherine's bond take the reader farther in achieving an understanding of their relationship, than is possible with most other stories." [Linda B]

  • Star Party by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp ("Set early in the first season, this romantic interlude brings us insights into some puzzling behaviors. Vincent's efforts at an emotional rescue lead to a deeper understanding with Catherine." -- "Star Party offers a heavenly visit into Catherine's past as a star-gazer.") (1)
  • Bound in Love, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (10)
  • You, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (11)
  • Haunted by Ann R. Brown ("Vincent is tormented by the ghosts of Jason Walker and others he's killed." -- "An adventure as exciting as any episode, this story will play vividly in your mind. Ann Brown has a talent for originality and plot that we thoroughly enjoy.") (13)
  • My Guide, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (33)
  • A Certainty, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (34)
  • Catherine's Poem, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (35)
  • Pascal's Heart, fiction by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp ("Catherine's kind-hearted and sensitive nature brings her a special, unexpected reward.") (37)
  • Create My Life, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (52)
  • Safe Journey, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (54)
  • Mythic Creatures, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (55)
  • Please Visit Tonight by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp ("A light-hearted tale with a humorous turn that will leave you chuckling." -- "Please Visit Tonight is a story of misinterpreted messages. Catherine botches her message on the pipes to the amusement of other Tunnel dwellers.") (57)
  • The Beast, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (66)
  • The Beauty, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (67)
  • C.C. Rider by Ann R. Brown ("Who but Vincent could bring out the dormant vestiges of humanity in Mitch Denton?") (69)
  • Unspoken Path, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (87)
  • At the Threshold Below, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (88)
  • Symphony of Hope, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (89)
  • Ancient Lives, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (90)
  • Dooms of Love by Ana Rita Elias-Terry ("The healing from the wounds of third season continues with this unique and powerful restoration rooted in mythology and poetry. Clasp faith to your heart and experience it." "A grown Jacob loves Lena's Katie and attempts to reunite the souls of his parents. (considered 4th season).") (93)
  • No Other Love, poem by Ana Rita Elias-Terry (128)
  • The Threshold of Transitions by Andrea Dumasius ("A dark phantom lingers to haunt Vincent in his happy life with Catherine and Jacob, in this sequel to "Lifeline's Return," Andrea Dumasias' resolution story in Bondstories II.") (131)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

Volume 3 of the series contains 7 stories plus poetry. Pascal is featured in one and Mitch Denton returns and is redeemed by Vincent in "C.C. Rider." In "Please Visit Tonight," Catherine botches a message to Vincent on the pipes to the amusement of the Tunnel community and embarrassment of Vincent. Two stories de al with 3rd season's aftermath. Jacob reunites his parents 15 years after Catherine's death in "Dooms Of Love." The final story, "The Threshold Of Transition," is a sequel to the alternate 3rd season story found in Volume II: "Lifeline's Return." Nice art.[6]

The stories in this polished, well-edited zine are original and the artwork varies between good and excellent, particularly the cover and interior artwork by Ana Rita Elias-Terry. The fiction includes Classic, Continued Classic, and 4th season. Kleikamp's “Star Party” offers a heavenly visit into Catherine's past as a star-gazer. Her “Please Visit Tonight” is a funny story of misinterpreted messages, showing a deft comedic touch. Ann R. Brown presents, in “Haunted,” an unusual and well-executed tale of Vincent tormented by the ghosts of Jason Walker and others he's killed. Action and adventure surface in “C. C. Rider” by Ann R. Brown, involving a serial killer/rapist and the return of Mitch Denton. In “Dooms of Love,” grown Jacob loves Lena's Katie and attempts to reunite the souls of his parents. And Andrea Dumasius' often charming “The Threshold of Transitions” is a continuation of “Lifeline's Return” in B-2, also projecting series events into the future, this time as Continued Classic. Other contributors are Rosemarie Hauer, Jackie Kapke, and Inez Brown.[7]

Issue 4

Bondstories 4 -- "The Truth of All We Are" was published in September 1992 and contains 157 pages. Art information: Ana Rita Elias-Terry, Rosemarie Hauer, Renate Haller, Rita Terrell.

cover of issue #4, Ana Rita Elias-Terry

From the editorial:

The dream of Vincent and Catherine endures! Your continued support and enthusiasm for our work means a lot to us as we embark upon yet another journey - Bondstories IV...The Truth of All We Are. Once again we present a collection of stories, poems and art that embraces the romance, explores the mysteries, celebrates the Bond and honors the Dream.

What a delightfully thrilling experience this has been, expressing our visions and feelings, crafting new memories, perpetuating the joy that is inherent within this classic story. Ah, Beauty and the Beast!


We feel confident that there are yet more unexplored depths to Vincent and Catherine's legend, still undiscovered shores, undreamt possibilities, unspoken promises. It seems their story is limitless, gloriously so! Definite plans are set for .Bondstories. V and a special Bondstories VI: Raven's Rock., a strikingly powerful alternative universe/historical romance by Ann R. Brown. We fully expect that future volumes will be published. Be sure to let us know what kind of stories you enjoy. Keep in touch, as we place great emphasis on your needs and desires for zine reading.

Contents (the story summaries are from the zine):

  • poetry by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (2)
  • poetry by Arie Raymond (5)
  • Scent of Rose Petals by Ann R. Brown ("A glimpse into Catherin's past, to that sweet, mysterious moment in time when the seeds of love were planted.") (7)
  • poetry by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (16)
  • poetry by Arie Raymond (17)
  • Mindpuzzles by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp ("Catherine finds herself in the grip of a terrifying series of events, and with Vincent's help breaks free and claims the right to control her own destiny.") (19)
  • poetry by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (38, 39)
  • Third Star from the Moon by Andrea Dumasius ("A refreshing, romantic story with a sensual tone and a poignant resolution. Life as Jenny Aaronson's best friend is never dull!") (41)
  • poetry by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (79)
  • poetry by Ana Rita Elias-Terry (80)
  • poetry by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (83)
  • Peter's Prescription by Ann R. Brown ("When Catherine is hospitalized by Mitch Denton's bullet, Vincent deals with both a frightening prognosis and a startling revelation.") (85)
  • poetry by Ana Rita Elias-Terry (95)
  • poetry by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (96)
  • poetry by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp(99)
  • Halfway to Heaven by Ann R. Brown ("An after-effect of Catherine's near-death experience in "The Watcher" threatens to complete her interrupted journey to the next world.") (101)
  • poetry by Arie Raymond (110)
  • poetry by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (111)
  • poetry by Arie Raymond (112)
  • poetry by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (115)
  • Mother's Day by Ann R. Brown ("A kitten's determined struggle for survival inspires Catherine and Vincent to venture on a healing search.") (117)
  • poetry by Ana Rita Elias-Terry (127)
  • poetry by Arie Raymond (128)
  • poetry by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (131)
  • Out of Innocence by Rosemarie Hauer ("Where does the path of truth lead?") (133)
  • poetry by Ana Rita Elias-Terry (139)
  • poetry by Ana Rita Elias-Terry (140)
  • poetry by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (141)
  • One Perfect Whole by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp ("An unexpected discovery awakens buried memories. It causes Catherine to look back upon and understand the events that have changed her life, allowing her to come to a stunning decision.") (143)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

The series continues as Catherine investigates Vincent's past and Paracelsus once again pops up intent on destroying everyone. In The Heart Sees Truly." Vincent and Catherine finally marry.[8]

Stories a little uneven here, but still a handsomely produced, edited, and illustrated zine. Ann R. Brown's stories, in particular (there are four in this issue), are to be commended as original in concept and effective in execution. The first standout, however, is Kleikamp's “Mind Puzzles,” in which C is suffering a series of nightmares and tries to discover the cause and a way to end them. Despite some purple passages, good reading. In Brown's stories, “Peter's Prescription” has C make a startling request of V after being shot in “The Beast Within”; but to the disappointment of shy, enraptured V's, she afterward forgets, due to painkillers. In Brown's “Halfway to Heaven,” V/C find that the road to the afterlife V opened in “The Watcher” is, dangerously, a two-way path. In Brown's “Mother's Day,” V tends orphaned kittens and gains a tantalizing glimpse, through an old janitor's report (very well presented), of his beginnings. Other fiction by Brown, Kleikamp, Rosemarie Hauer. Also fine poetry by Kleikamp (example from “Expressions of Devotion”: For when I listen to the silent cadences/Of the young dark night,/I detect the hush of your breath,/Steady, powerful,/And I am comforted.), Ana Rita Elias-Terry, and Arie Raymond. Art (one sided on unnumbered pages) by Elias-Terry (including cover), Rosie Hauer (always excellent), Renate Haller, Rita Terrell.[9]

Issue 5

Bondstories 5 -- "Rhythms of Life" was published in July 1993 and contains 178 pages.

The art is by Ana Rita Elias-Terry (cover), Rosemarie Hauer, Renate Haller, Alexandra Fossinger, Connie Asch, Inez Brown, and Jacquelyn Kapke.

front cover of issue #5, Ana Rita Elias-Terry

The editorial:

Dear friends.

Greetings again from the beautiful desert Southwest. We are excited and proud to present the fifth zine in the Bondstories series. It's hard to believe that we published our first volume over three years ago in preparation for TunnelCon I'.

You have become much more than readers to us: you have become friends. Your enthusiastic-support of our work is the foundation upon which we create more enchanting stories and images of Vincent and Catherine. Their bond has taken on a significance far beyond a romantic notion or mystical connection: it exists as a beacon of steadfast devotion which guides and inspires our every effort. To honor that bond, that spiritual pledge of eternal commitment, is our primary goal in presenting Bondstories.

Published concurrently with this volume is Bondstories VI: Raven's Rock, a full-length historical novel written by Ann R. Brown. More than half of the material is already in hand for Bondstories III. and we shall publish new volumes as fan demand encourages.

We recognize that our 'star' is set in a night sky of millions; but we know that for you, our friends, it serves to brighten your heart in a special way. We continue to invite your comments - please let us know about your thoughts, feelings and wishes regarding future zines.

We are pleased to introduce new members of the team: Alexandra Fossinger of Italy, attending college now in Germany. Her sensitively rendered pictures evoke warm emotions. Also Connie Asch of Tucson, Arizona, whose artistic talent demonstrates a depth of character that reveals her intelligence and friendliness. We are proud to present again Rosemarie Hauer of Austria, Renate Haller of Italy, An drea Dumasius and Inez Brown of Michigan, and the Tucson Tunnel Friends: Ann R. Brown, Ana Elias-Terry, Leslie Hunten and Joyce Fuller Kleikamp. Behind the scenes, ever-faithfully serving the efforts are Mark Hunten, Eileen Siffermann and Albert M. Elias Sr..

Keep the dream alive,

Joyce and Leslie

  • "April 11, 1987," untitled poem or dedication by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp
  • Bridges Not Barriers by Andrea Dumasisu (3)
  • Dialogue of Selves... Seven Blessing Accepted, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (36)
  • The Mirror by Ann R. Brown (39)
  • Answers, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (53)
  • Great Heart, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (54)
  • Song of Hope, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (55)
  • Worthwhile Prospect, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (56)
  • Sine Aua Non by Andrea Dumasisu (59)
  • One Whose Heart, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (116)
  • Someone Else's Responsibility by Rosemarie Hauer (119)
  • Gift of Love, poem by Andrea Dumasisu (131)
  • For Her, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (132)
  • Anastasia's Journey by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (133)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

In the film volume of the series, the newlyweds celebrate their marriage with a special Honeymoon. In "Full Circle," the past, present and future are united as Catherine reads Darrilyn MacGregor's journal. Devin, Joe and original character Elanor appear also. Much action/adventure and Catherine discovers she's pregnant.[10]

No question about it, this Classic anthology zine has moved beyond the average in originality, execution, and presentation. The zine contains five stories. Andrea Dumasius' interesting “Bridges not Barriers” assumes C did take that job in Providence and tells how she and V coped with that believed-to-be-forever separation. In Ann R. Brown's “The Mirror,” we learn something of C's state of mind immediately after her return Above, in the pilot, and discover forces and people who were instrumental in bringing her and V together again, all centering around a particular mirror. In Dumasius' “Sine Qua Non” C&V, married 20 years, try to come to terms with the death of Father, leading to a flashback of their first becoming lovers (strong PG-13). In Rosemarie Hauer's story, “Someone Else's Possibility,” V/C declare, and erotically express, their love. And Kleikamp's “Anastasia's Journey” is a mysterious, startling story about a German teenager, freshly come to NYC, being introduced to the tunnels (a fourth season setting: Jacob's off at college) because of strange dreams she's had since childhood. Overall, the stories are fresh, well written, and well presented. The zine is well edited and handsomely produced. Poetry by Andrea Dumasius and Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (excellent!).[11]

Issue 6

title page, issue #6, Colby Pfeil

Bondstories 6 -- "Raven's Rock" was published in June 1993 and contains 130 pages.

The art is by Colby Pfeil.

It is now online here.

Participating in "Beauty and the Beast"fandom is a delightful and satisfying way to blend reality and fantasy. Colby relates a humorous anecdote which mirrors many fans' experiences: when telling a group of people that she was illustrating a book about ancient Scotland, she was asked if it had dragons or other mythical creatures. "Oh, no, " Colby replied with all seriousness, "these illustrations are completely realistic." Whereupon Colby's friend spoke up. "Ahem' Realistic? What about Vincent??"

Ah, Vincent. Well, he's real to us, isn't he? In fact we are compelled to create more stories and pictures of him, celebrating just how real he is to us.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

In a change of pace, B-6 is a single novel by Brown...and what a novel! Witty, charming, excellently written and paced, pleasantly illustrated (by Colby Pfeil,) with solid but non-intrusive background material, this is good reading from first to last.

It's an alternate time novel, in which V is the hidden, unacknowledged monster brother of Lord Alaistair, Master of Raven's Rock in Scotland, during the era of Viking invasions. An appeal is sent to Raven's Rock by Norman Lady C, orphaned and about to be wed against her will for her property. In childhood, Lady C was betrothed to the Laird of Raven's Rock and therefore appeals to him to rescue her. Lord Alaistair, beset by Norsemen, declines to respond; but V accepts the quest. Meanwhile, C and her faithful and fiery maid, Phemie, have escaped Sir Wallis and are making their way northward as V journeys south (there's a helpful map). Their paths soon cross, and Vincent finds himself in love with his brother's betrothed.

Except for Vincent's being raised (in the refurbished castle dungeons) by one Jacobus, a priest, there are few point-for-point correspondences with B&B, which makes the story stand better on its own terms. The Scots background, scenes of the countryside and the beliefs of the time, are excellently done-convincing and detailed without bogging the reader down in unneeded material. The story, while direct and straightforward romantic adventure, is well planned, dramatized, and paced. The editing and presentation are flawless. Characterization and dialogue are first rate. The story, at times, even has a welcome flash of humor, as well as more passionate moments of longing, joy, and romantic angst. Delightful and highly recommended.[12]

The story line from previous volumes continues as Catherine and Vincent cope with the trials of her pregnancy and the birth of their son - who resembles his father. Stunning color portrait cover by pro artist Lawrence Williams. Volume 7 will continue the adventures.[13]

Issue 7

Bondstories 7 -- "A Rare and Precious Love" was published in February 1994 and contains 176 pages. Art information: Rosemarie Hauer, Alexandra Fossinger, Jackie Kapke, Pam Tuck, Renate Haller, Colby Pfeil (including cover), Connie Asch, and Sandy C. Shelton.

cover of issue #7, Colby Pfeil


  • Until, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (first page)
  • A Right to Dream by Rosemarie Hauer (1) (reprinted in Magic)
  • Where, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (10)
  • A Raft of Peace by Ann R. Brown (11)
  • Raft of Stars, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (25)
  • The Greatest Gift by Jackie Kapke (26)
  • All That Matters by Andrea Dumasius (85)
  • The Touch of Her Smile by Andrea Dumasius (92)
  • A Burning Light, poem by Andrea Dumasius (96)
  • Letters by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (97)
  • To the Tin Man by Andrea Dumasius (103)
  • Your Face, poem by Andrea Dumasius (117)
  • Surface Levels, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (118)
  • Sea Squirts by Ann R. Brown (119)
  • Triumph, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (122)
  • FTD by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (123)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 7

This star of this issue is a really hilarious short-short story, "Sea Squirts" by Ann R. Brown, in which Vincent tries to cope with explaining sex to tunnel fifth-grader Emmie, an inveterate user of such malapropisms as "[reproduction is] how an organist produces others of its kind." and her serene comment that people who love each other "sit in the moonlight and exchange vowels of love." This embarrassing discussion is further complicated by young Rafe, who finds the whole subject "putrid." Afterward, bemused and uncomfortable, V meets C for a moonlight picnic.... Another of Brown's stories, the longer "A Raft of Peace," draws on Amerindian lore and wedding customs and Southwestern ambiance as Catherine journeys to Santa Fe for a friend's wedding, to find there that she and Vincent aren't really apart at all.

Also excellent is Kleikamp's "FTD," which presents a well worked-out tale of C receiving gifts from what seems an unknown admirer...who proves to be most dangerous. The assault occurs in daytime, when V can't go to her. But he does anyway, in an original and intriguing rescue scenario.

...More than the usual number of typos here but otherwise maintains the series' standard for readability and originality.[14]

Issue 8

Bondstories 8 -- "Claiming Destiny" was published in July 1994 and contains 145 pages.

The art is by Ana Elias-Terry, Rosemarie Hauer, Pam Tuck, Connie Asch, Sandy Shelton, Inez Brown, Alexandra Fossinger, Renate Haller, and Colby Pfeil.

cover of issue #8, Ana Elias-Terry

Dedicated to the Committee Members and Helpers of the TunnelCon III Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada 1994.

Thank you for a fabulous Con!

  • Red for Remembering by Ann R. Brown (1)
  • Essentials in Beauty, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (11)
  • Shadows Walls, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (12)
  • A Silent Knowledge by Rosemarie Hauer (reprinted in Magic) (13)
  • Contemplation, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (20)
  • The Smell of Cherries by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (21)
  • Tokens, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (34)
  • Checkmate by Terri Peppe (35)
  • Dialogue with a Rose by Ana Elias-Terry (85)
  • Dear Dimitri..., an epistolary story by Helva Peters (87)
  • Shards, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (93)
  • Illusions, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (94)
  • Scars by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (95)
  • Wish, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (106)
  • A Dance to Silent Music by Andrea Dumasius (107)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 8

Particularly strong is the brief story, "Red For Remembering," by Ann R. Brown, which dramatizes movingly the remembrance service held Below for Margaret, an event of considerable mythic power. Also brief, Rosemarie Hauer's "A Silent Knowledge" describes Catherine's growing awareness of the bond in a tender vignette. Theresa Peppe's "Checkmate" describes the bond taking on a will of its own, bringing V/C inexorably together through of highly erotic shared dreams. There's an X-rated version of the conclusion one can send for; the reviewer found it hard to imagine how it could be substantially more graphic than what's there now.

Anna Elias-Terry's vignette, "Dialogue with a Rose," gives a surprising and insightful twist to the words, "I have never regretted what I am, until now," since here, it's C's realization, not V's. Helva Peters presents a series of letters saying goodbye to Dmitri (of "Ashes, Ashes") from V, C, Father, and Eric.

The best of Kleikamp's own several stories, the long and substantial "A Dance to Silent Music," has C trying to help V with a Gregory Coyle-like intruder setting off bombs at thresholds. When C is hurt, it has surprising repercussions for Joe Maxwell...and for the bond.

Thoughtful poems by Kleikamp.... As always, well edited and attractively presented.[15]

Issue 9

Bondstories 9 -- "Classic Love" was published in July 1995 and contains 142 pages.

The art is by Ana Elias-Terry, Inez Brown, Teri P, Renate Haller, Rosemarie Hauer, Sandy Shelton, Sandy Tew, and Connie Asch. It also contains poems by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp.

front cover of issue #9, Inez Brown
  • My Pen is Stilled, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp
  • Safe Haven by Teri P. (reprinted in Starry, Starry Night) (1)
  • Into the Light by Ann R. Brown (24)
  • Magic, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (34)
  • At Heaven's Gate by Linda Taghon (37)
  • Perspectives, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (49)
  • I Felt You Go by Rosemarie Hauer (reprinted in Magic) (50)
  • Dance With the Night by Linda Taghon (71)
  • Believing in Dreams, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (86)
  • Hoping, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (89)
  • Catherine, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (90)
  • Within the Book Your Name by Andrea Dumasius (93)
  • Be Well, poem by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp (137)

Issue 10

Bondstories 10 -- "Pure Magic" was published in July 1996 and contains 180 pages.

The art is by Ana Elias-Terry, Kathy Fidge, Linda S. Barth, Sandy C. Shelton, Sandra Tew, Rosemarie Hauer, Teri P, Andrea Dumasius, Maureen T. Mahon, and Joyce Fuller Kleikamp.

cover of issue #10, Ana Elias-Terry

From the editorial:

Recently, B&B cyberfandom has enticed new people into the fold. We all remember how thrilling it was when we learned that our love for Vincent and Catherine wasn't an isolated devotion--now there are yet more fans who are joining the family of "Beauty and the Beast" fans and finding their own place in the Tunnels.

Two stories published in this volume are revised and expanded versions of my fiction that was originally published in early "Beauty and the Beast" fanzines. I'm talking about the days before Bondstories, when there were only about a dozen or so zines! Quite a contrast to the current listing that numbers in the hundreds, isn't it? I've always wanted to bring these stories "home" and I am grateful to the editors who have graciously allowed them to be republished here.

Issue 11

Bondstories 11 -- "Two Hearts" was published in 1997 and contains 200 pages.

cover of issue #11, Rosemarie Hauer

The art is by Rosemarie Hauer, Pam Tuck, Renate Haller, and Connie Asch.

From the editorial:

Dear Bondstories Friends,

This special issue presents four stories that were originally published in early "Beauty and the Beast" fanzines, now out of print. I extend my appreciation to those first editors whose efforts provided our nascent fandom with quality fiction. The stories have been re-edited, expanded and embellished and, as a treat, all the artwork in this zine is new.

More recently, the online fandom has had access to Edith Crowe's work, due to the kindness of BeastFan on America Online, who sends fanfiction stories out via e-mail to subscribers of Father's Online Library (FOL). Edith's work is too special to keep under wraps, and therefore I asked her for permission to publish three of her stories here in Bondstories XI, for all those fans who aren't yet connected to cyberfandom and the Internet. I'm pleased with this partnership as I know you'll appreciate her writing. Happily, she has been writing new material, too.

As was the case with so many fans, the show "Beauty and the Beast" inspired me to create. "Faithful To Our Bond" was the first story I had ever written. About anything. I had never before felt the compelling need to write. I was drawn to these soulmates, I wanted to explore their lives and their love. There was so much to express; delightfully overwhelming in its scope. It's heartwarming to have "Faithful To Our Bond" come "home" to Bondstories.

After having a few stories published in other people's fanzines, I was convinced, by my B&B pal Leslie Hunten, that we should publish our own. That was June 1990. Six years and eleven volumes have flown by...

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 11

A special edition of Bondstories, featuring four selections of the finest fan fiction which were originally published in early zines (now out of print). These stories by Edith Crowe and Joyce Fuller Kleikamp have been revised and embellished. The lovely illustrations by Pam Tuck, Rosemarie Hauer, Renate Haller and Connie Asch are new. PG-13 $20 US First Class. [16]


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