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Dallas Dream Season is a trope popularized by the prime-time soap Dallas.

The character of Bobby Ewing had been killed off in a car accident at the end of the 1984-1985 season, a move that proved very unpopular with the viewers. Dallas scriptwriters created a storyline which featured Pam, his wife, waking up to find Bobby in the shower with the realization that the storylines of the preceding season, including the accident, were nothing more than a lengthy dream sequence.

Also see Dream Season.

Examples of Use


[Pros fandom]: That's right folks, it's all been just a very realistic dream. Now some people might feel cheated (a la Bobby in Dallas), but quite frankly by this point (having gone through 3/4 of a box of kleenex as I mentioned before) I didn't care. I just wanted it fixed. I would have cheerfully accepted Sam and Al from QL, space aliens, pagan ceremonies for raising the dead at Stonehenge, heck, even Mr. Peabody, Sherman and the Wayback Machine; all without batting an eye. Just to have Bodie alive again and give Ray his second chance. [1]

[Blake's 7 fandom]:

Question from a fan: How about suggesting [the last episode of Blake's 7] was a!l a dream? [Laughter]

Michael Keating: And come out of the shower? Great idea! [2]


[Pros fandom]: In the Dealer's Room I came across a copy of TEO TORRIATE. Judy hissed at me: "Buy it!" Buy it I did and then much to my surprise I was up that night till 3 am, crying over a couple of fellas whom I didn't know, and up to this point, didn't care a fig about, as one lamented the death of the other in Sharon F's "Loving Can Be A Heavy Cross". I know some consider this story to be a major disappointment with its 'Dallas-esque' ending, but it made me euphoric that the lovers at least had their chance. [3]

[Beauty and the Beast fandom]: We don't want to repeat the mistake Dallas made, and call [the third season of Beauty and the Beast (TV)] all a dream, do we? [4]

[Beauty and the Beast fandom]: ... another [fan] declared that she didn't believe Catherine was dead ("I don't care if she comes out of Pam Ewing's shower!") [5]

[Beauty and the Beast fandom]: Yes, to have season 3 written off as a dream is trite; it's been done before, and it has worked. Dallas did it, and survived. [6]


[Stargate SG-1 fandom]: Okay, we had to know someone would do a post Meridian story based on the infamous Dallas shower scene. But it worked for me. Anytime I can see Daniel in his fuzzy blue robe, wet hair, er, well okay, it worked for me. [7]


[Star Trek: TOS fandom]:

Nor can Chekov go to the shower in his quarters, open it and find his dead captain inside, signaling the reader that It Was All A Dream.

That’s not to say that Kirk can’t shower in Chekov’s quarters. Although that’s another type of story altogether. [8]


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