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Synonyms: SND
Related: denialfic, EWE, fix-it
See Also: Classic, Continued Classic
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She's Not Dead, often SND for short, is a term in Beauty and the Beast fandom for fanfic ignoring or retconning the third season and Catherine's death, so that Classic (i.e. Vincent/Catherine) fic can be set during third season or in the future (e.g. to allow Vincent and Catherine to have children).

"Alternative Third Season" is similar to SND. But while an SND has Catherine appearing to die, an Alternate Third Season story skips the fake death entirely.

A fan in September 1990 said:
For me, as with so many others, Catherine is still alive. The only way I can continue to enjoy this is to believe that she didn't die. There was a little phrase going around at TunnelCon that was being used to describe stories in the fanzines. I heard people ask, "Is it an 'SND' story?" Well, I had to ask. It stands for "She's Not Dead." I love it! There are really a lot of great zines out there, and I think there is something for everybody. For myself, if it's an "SND" zine, it's as good as bought.If it's not, I already know I don't want to read it. [1]

SND is for Fic and Philosophy

While one can be a fan of "SND" and an "SND fan," the terms for the actual fans themselves (mostly negative) are Classic, "Rabid Classic Fan," "Militant Classic Fan," "Catherinite," and "Nay-sayer." See The Beauty and the Beast Wars.

Some Tropes Employed for Use for an SND Fic


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