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Some fandoms use the word "classic" to describe fiction that is canon compliant or ignores certain episodes or seasons.

It is not meant to indicate a widely known or popular story, as fans talking about "classic stories" in other fandoms might indicate. For that use, see Fandom Classics.

Some Examples

The word can be used simply as description: In Beauty and the Beast fandom, the term is used a lot. A "Classic" story is one that ships Vincent/Catherine or is set during the first two seasons, but ignores the third season.

In Xena: Warrior Princess fandom "classic" is Xena & Gabrielle fiction based on the timeline of the series.

The word can be used for control and personal power: in 2001, an archivist for the biggest X-Files mailing list, Laurie Haynes , disliked later seasons of The X-Files (particularly the character of John Doggett) so intensely that she subsequently banned fic she did not consider to be "Classic": "XFC-ATXC and XFC-no_ATXC will now only accept fanfic featuring characters from Seasons 1-7 only (this includes Mulder and Scully's son, William) or characters of the author's creation. [snipped] I had considered this a few months ago, but now, I have made a final decision. This is not intended to PREVENT anyone from writing what they wish, it is just intended to make this list for the posting of X-Files Classic fanfic only (which for most people means those stories for characters from Seasons 1-7 only)." -- [1]


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