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The Witness Protection Program is used as a trope to, among other things, conveniently remove possible love interests and have previously thought-to-be-dead characters return.


  • In Starsky and Hutch, Starsky's childhood friend, Laura, supposedly dead at the age of eleven, was really in the Witness Protection Program. She returns to ask Starsky and Hutch for help in the trilogy, "Targets Without a Badge"
  • In The Sentinel, just as Blair starts to fall in in love with a woman in the episode "Neighborhood Watch," she is whisked away into the Witness Protection Program.

Examples in Fanworks

  • The Simon and Simon zine Till Death is a an alternate universe novel based on the episode, 'The List,' in which a woman A.J. Simon falls in love with must disappear because she's in the Witness Relocation Program and has been discovered by those she's hiding from.
  • The Beauty and the Beast zine The Memory Flame #2 has an SND story where Catherine is in the Witness Protection Program.