The Dream Lives On

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Title: The Dream Lives On ("Australian Diaries")
Publisher: a fan club in Australia
Date(s): at least 1994 to at least 1995; they were out of print by 1998
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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The Dream Lives On is a Beauty and the Beast (TV) Australian zine. It is also referred to as the "Australian Diaries."

It consists of a calendar and diary, and includes stories and poetry, memorable B&B dates, birthdays of cast members, musings, factoids, et al.


  • the story, Balcony Lights, by Janet Southam (reprinted in Chatterbox (February 1998)
  • other unknown content


Published in 1995, the calendar is for 1996. It has over 100 pages and is spiral-bound.

flyer for the 1995/1996 issue