Reflections (Beauty and the Beast zine edited by Gloria Handley)

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Title: Reflections
Editor(s): Gloria Handley
Date(s): July 1997
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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cover by Kevin Barnes

Reflections is a het Beauty and the Beast 206-page anthology, a con zine, edited by Gloria Handley. Art information: Much art; color front cover and b/w back cover by Kevin Barnes; interior art contributors include: Anna Deavers Kelly, Renate Haller, Rosemarie Hauer, Kevin Barnes, Sandy Tew, Ingrid Roerhirst, Jacquelyn Kapke.

This is the con zine from the 1997 convention Reflections; the first all-season con zine, with both Classic and 4th season stories.

sample interior, artist unknown


  • The Stage Was Struck by Judy Loyd (frontispiece)
  • Carousel Dreams, poem by Karen Morgia (1)
  • Shadows in the Moonlight by Lori Gunn (2)
  • For Laura, poem by Amber James (6)
  • Lyanne's Room by Marcia Lee Patterson (7)
  • Searching, poem by Gloria Jones (9)
  • Devin Drops In by Pat King (10)
  • Tunnel Revisited, poem by Gloria Jones (31)
  • No Difference, poem by Melissa Prideaux (32)
  • The Forgotten Miracle by Katrina Relf (33)
  • A Private Place, poem by Clairyce A. Dolson (41)
  • The Echo of Lost Love, poem by K.L. Wightman (42)
  • Apparitions by Rosemarie Hauer (43)
  • The Simple Things, poem by Clairyce A. Dolson (53)
  • The Lovers, poem by Clairyce A. Dolson (54)
  • The Future??? by Maureen T. Mahon (55)
  • The Meeting by Lorien M. Aspenall (62)
  • Would I Lie to You? by Rebecca Marcus (68)
  • A Single Thought, poem by Clairyce A. Dolson (78)
  • Truly Together by Jacquelyn Kapke (79)
  • Daydreams, poem by Clairyce A. Dolson (94)
  • Lessons Learned by Sharon Lowy (95)
  • Higher Love by Marilyn Martin (101)
  • No Sweeter Song, poem by Clairyce A. Dolson (112)
  • Forsaken by Becky Bain (114)
  • Seen With Different Eyes, poem by Clairyce A. Dolson (128)
  • Solutions by Melinda Madison (129)
  • He Touched Me, poem by Clairyce A. Dolson (145)
  • Bachelorette Party by Jacquelyn Skalski (146)
  • Haiku by Clairyce A. Dolson (149)
  • The Tea Party, poem by Marcia Lefebvre (150)
  • The Bluebird's Tale by Eri Peppi (151)
  • Dragon's Picnic by Cynthia Coe (179)
  • Reflecting by Judy Loyd (185)
  • Fandom Letters (187)
  • Facets, poem by Clairyce A. Dolson (189)
  • Fan Letters (190)
  • Portrait of Ron Perlman by Rosemarie Hauer (end piece)

Reactions and Reviews

The conzine from the 1997 convention, Reflections, is unusually diverse and lively, and is (to the reviewer’s memory) the first all-season conzine, with both Classic and 4th season stories. The zine is well worth the price just for the gorgeous color front cover of a table in Vincent’s chamber, and its contents: award-winning art from Kevin Barnes. The Barnes back cover of Vincent and Catherine in Renaissance dress, though b/w (as is the original), is almost just as handsome. Suitable for framing. The zine features a special section in which fans reflect on how Beauty and the Beast has changed their lives....A substantial, literate, and interesting zine. [1]


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