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page one of a flyer for the Pros and Highlander zine called "Captured" -- "A hurt/comfort zine (due early '96) with Professional "/" stories and a novella length Highlander saga in the era of Tessa and Darius. NOT a crossover! Very adult in nature, sexually explicit and the word 'throb' is used with well-intentioned gusto! How often has each of us given some very serious, warm thoughts to holding and comforting one of our Hero/Hunks? Their strong, warm, muscular bodies have been hurt and tormented, their need for love and comfort strong and the searching, aching hearts of dear loved ones are reaching out for them. And we, the gentle readers, are the proverbial fly on the wall! For example: "IF LOOKS COULD KILL" Doyle has been a prisoner of this man once before and sparks flew! Now Parker has him again, with diabolical plans for revenge that leaves Bodie struggling tor life and Doyle in a prison of pleasure and pain for the rest of his existence..." [snipped] 'THE SWEETEST GIFT" An A/U where Doyle is Lord and Master of his House and a captured ex-warrior, now a fully trained passion slave, is given to him as a payment or honour from another lord."
page two of a flyer for the Pros and Highlander zine called "Captured" -- "Plus "HUNGRY EYES". B&D on an assignment when Bodie's car is rammed and he is kidnapped. With difficulty, Cowley controls Doyle's frustration and anger... till Bodie is found. "QUESTION OF AN APPLE".. While Doyle slowly recovers from being shot in the leg, B&D a hobbled with an intricate, but tedious, assignment that makes full use of Doyle's art knowledge. Would Bodie willingly allow himself to be used as the price for his own education and one-upmanship? Doyle's surprise might make his surrendering worth it! and, "KEEPER OF THE JUSTICE"..An A/U in space (NO relation to Star Trek!) where Bodie controls a very different type of spacecraft. While on a forced vacation, he rescues a brutally captured, illegally controlled and much prized Ellis'sian from a downed smuggler. AND, a novella length HIGHLANDER saga. "RESEARCH". Tessa is still lovingly 
held in Duncan's arms and Darius often enjoys the pleasurable company of his long time friend... till
 Duncan's secret is witnessed by a research scientist and stolen away. Richie and Tessa are willing to do
 anything to find Duncan but are hampered by the maze that is Paris. Darius can help but how far is he
 willing to go? Just a bit... [snipped] ALL stories are sexually explicit, filled with love and passion, with only the Professionals stories being "/" in nature and ALL being tantalizing. Age statement required."

  • Cactus Not Included (Rat Patrol, anthology of "RP stories with more adult content but nothing above R, no slash")
  • Caine: The Way of the Dragon (1994, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, "If you are a Kung Fu fan and want to try your hand at writing, let me hear from you! I am in need of all types of submissions, from longer fiction pieces to poems to essays to artwork--you name it! There will also be a "fans speak" section, where fans can write a few words about their favorite episodes, favorite characters, how the series affected them (if at all) etc. In addition I will accept "crossover" material--stories which mix KF and KFTLC or other series," and "Will consider cross-overs from the new Kung Fu: The Legend Continues series, but each story must have the original Kwai Chang Caine as a character," Gee Publications)
  • Call Me Snake (Escape from New York, gen, 1982, from Lori Chapek-Carleton, "CALL ME SNAKE is an upcoming publication inspired by John Carpenter's movie ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and Kurt Russell's portrayal of the "hero," Snake Plissken. Material already accepted includes novellas by Marj Ihssen, Deborah June Laymon and Deborah Kay Goldstein, and Susan Matthews, short stories by Eva Albertison, Dolores McAllister, and Linda Willard (would you believe Snake meets a canine robot and a former companion of Doctor Who?), poetry by Kelly Flill and Susan Matthews, and art by Kate Nuernberg, Karen River, Signe Landon, Susan W. Perry-Lewis, and much, much more! $2.00 and a s.a.s.e. will reserve a copy before publication.")
  • The Capricorn Military Academy Handbook -- later renamed: Encheiridion (Battlestar Galactica, 1983, Gemini Press, "Gives the history of the Academy, academic and athletic programs, Colonial business advertisement, et cetera. About 50 pages.")
  • Captain Christopher Pike (Star Trek: TOS)
  • Captured (1996, Bodie/Doyle Pros anthology that was to include one Highlander story, from Snuggle Up Press, see flyer images above)
  • Cascade Trace (1998, Sentinel, gen and adult, to have been published by Celestial Cat)
  • Catacomb Echoes (Space:1999, gen, there were to be four issues (Sept 1981, Jan, May and Sept 1982 as a trial run)
  • Caveat Emptor (Star Wars, contributions to have been by Eubanks, Rivers, Stone, Webster, Oldfield, Nevins, White, Barber, and Netherland. 1984)
  • Cease Fire ("a novella dealing with the main characters of M*A*S*H plus Major Frank Burns, Dr. Sydney Freedman, Col. Flagg, Igor the Cook...", 1981)
  • The Celery Stalk (Doctor Who, 1986)
  • Cello Serenade (1986, Airwolf/Jan Michael Vincent, "Are you interested in helping this project take wing? Can you write a Stringfellow Hawke story? Do you know anyone who can? Would you be interested in reading this zine?" Empyrean Publications)
  • Chains (2005, X-Files, "an enthralling Master/slave Skinner/Mulder with a bit of Scully thrown in novel by Diana Williams," Agent With Style)
  • The Champion's Guide to Earth (2000, gen, Earth: Final Conflict, Unicorn Press, "we want stories about any of the characters/conflicts on the show")
  • Chances Are (1997, Sockii Press, A Strange Luck 'zine. This show was too good while it lasted not to do a zine about it. Humor/ h/c, romance, serious pieces, artwork, articles - I'll take anything, so long as it's good quality. Will go to print if/when enough material is accepted, and there is enough interest in the project.")
  • Changeling (multimedia (first issue Starsky & Hutch), second issue (Hill Street Blues), 1985, het or gen, 1984, edited by Roberta L. Brown and Marie Antoine, "heart-stopping action, gut-wrenching drama & pulse-throbbing romance, with each issue emphasizing a different fandom")
  • Chello Serenade (Airwolf, a zine of Stringfellow Hawk stories, 1985)
  • Children of Blacklight (2019, zine for the 10th anniversary of Prototype)
  • Choices (1992, "A multi-release interactive fanzine. Ever wished YOU could make the decisions the author so blithely makes for characters? Ever felt like if the character went left instead of right, everything would have been fine? In CHOICES ycu get to do that. CHOICES is also seeking submissions for interactive fanzines in ANY fandom. SASE for information. Also seeking artists. KnightWriter Press.")
  • Christmas Letters (1995, The Professionals, slash, "Celebrate the Holidays with the lads of CI5. Straight and slash versions of what the boys do under the tree and the gifts they get! Digest size, page count rising, lots of artwork and even a small present from Clueless Press to you.")
  • Christmas Spirits (2001, "A theme zine open to any fandom. Cross the winter holidays with the paranormal. Explore what that funny sound in the chimney is. Have some friendly (or not so friendly) ghosts visit on Christmas Eve. Give your favorite character a cursed present! Have fun, get scary, try not to do the zillionth retelling of "A Christmas Carol" unless you have something that really rocks." Green Dragon Press)
  • Chronicles of the Lost Companions (Doctor Who, "Better-than-average Mary Sue adventures that is thoroughly enjoyable." Was to have art by Cheryl Duvall.)
  • Circuit (Mercedes Lackey, 1997, "A new 'zine is starting: Come join us as we ride CIRCUIT. Each issue of CIRCUIT will focus on 2 separate areas of Velgarth. CIRCUIT will feature recipes, poetry, songs, short stories, and a limited amount of pictures, all based on the area featured in each issue. The first issue will focus on the non-collegium ports of the city of Haven and the Dhorisha Plains. The next will feature Hawk's Nest, Sorrows, and Bolthaven. Please limit your submissions to these 5 areas. For questions, guidelines, and submissions please send. a SASE to CIRCUIT.")
  • City of Angels (Starsky and Hutch, anthology by Deb Walsh, 1981)
  • Clippings (Edward Scissorhands, "no slash except for the the damage that Edward's hands can inflict.")
  • Close Encounters (K/S)
  • Closed Door Affair (Man from UNCLE, slash}
  • Codename: Red Rover (1986, [[V[[, "L.A. is forced to join up with Denver in a rescue attempt as Rover's leader challenges Tyler. And the Visitors have their difficulties. Who is the new Column leader? Who will win command of the ship -- Diana or her brother? And who is the pesky Dr. Beth Chandler and how can she always seem to counteract the Visitor's efforts?")
  • The Compleat Araminta (The Professionals, 1998, to have been published by Bound in Leather Press, "A collection of the works of Araminta Carrington. Dependent on when (and if) she gets off her butt and writes some new material for this collection. - Pros, m/m themes, humour, R-rated.")
  • Compu-Trek Disk Zine (a Star Trek:TOS and Star Trek: TNG "computer zine for IBM PC, XT, AT, and compatibles... stories, games graphics and interactive fiction. Will also be a bulletin board for those without modems... Prefer submission on 5 1/40 disk.")
  • The Coming Thing (Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., edited by Deb Walsh)
  • The Company of Night (Forever Knight)
  • Concrete Jungle (21 Jump Street and Booker, 1991 "Looking for submissions of art and fiction based on 21 JUMP STREET and its associated show, BOOKER. We're especially interested in stories that catch the flavor of the series and emphasize strong character development. X-rated material is fine, but no slash will be considered. The deadline will be determined when we see if there's enough interest to make the zine possible. (So, write and express interest!)" Heather Bruton)
  • Connections (1997, Kiefer/Lou, editor: Karen B, "Stories may be of any length, and in any "universe," including already established fannish universes; 2) Stories must be slash; 3) Original characters are welcome, as long as at least one character is based on a KS or LDP role; 4) Authors must be willing to work with an editor.")
  • Connery's Way (1992, fiction and art about the roles of Sean Connery, it was to have a front cover by Mary Jean Holmes of "a certain Russian submarine commander." "A zine based on the many characters brought to the screen by Sean Connery. So far the interest is there but not the authors. Accepting submissions for fiction, art and poetry. We have a gorgeous front cover by Mary Jean Holmes of a certain Russian Submarine Commander and three poems based on the same. It sure would be a shame to waste it. Wizard Works." See flyer image above.)
  • The Consortium (Star Trek: TOS, a gen sister zine to Consort, 1984)
  • Continuing Voyages (Star Trek: TOS, 1984, Julia Ecklar was to be editor, the zine was canceled not due to lack of interest by readers, but to lack of quality submissions and "a dumb ex-mailman who didn't always deliver the mail.")
  • Cor, Chief! (1992, "seeking stories, art, cartoons, poetry, filks, anything based on any of the characters from Danger Mouse. No slash please.")
  • Cordele (Star Trek: TNG, planned for summer of 1991, it was a "novella featuring Worf" from Penreddy Press)
  • The Corey Chronicles (1992, " A compilation of stories by Jeff & Mary Morris that appeared in GATEWAY TO TIME and THE LIEUTENANT'S LOG. Follow the misadventures of a young man who develops a knack for appearing in the wrong place at the right time, ending up in escapades with the Doctor, Buckaroo Banzai, The Real Ghostbusters and others! There's joy, laughter, pain, sorrow...everything that makes up the story of a life. SASE for info; due cut at MediaWest '92. Jeff Morris.")
  • A Couple of Aces (slash, Starsky & Hutch, fiction anthology, was planned to be out for ZebraCon #6)
  • Cowboys and Outlaws' (2004, slash, multimedia, "(multi-fandom western zine. Almost any pairing, almost any western show/movie set in the old west - email Joyce if you've got questions. Digest sized. No death stories, happy endings required. DEADLINE: October 1, 2004)", Devious Developments Press)
  • Cries in the Dark (Sentinel, early 2000s, Skeeter Press, "This is the slash version of CBtV. The theme is the supernatural. Again ghosts, goblins, wizards, vampires, Immortals qualifies. The guys should either be in a relationship, or be getting ready to embark on one. (i.e. obviously pre-slash). Crossovers with other fandoms allowed.")
  • Crimebusters (gen, Simon and Simon and multimedia, 1986)
  • Crocodile Tears (1986, Romancing the Stone, "Over 30 million people saw the film and it was the 8th largest grossing film of 1984...[Crocodile Tears] is the new fanzine dedicated to this quirky, fun-filled adventure romp [and is] getting off the ground.... Cross-universe welcome -- Indiana Jones meets Joan Wilder??? No x-rated material.")
  • Cross Purposes (1993, multimedia, gen, Mary F. Wardell (pub), "Have you ever sat around wondering what would happen if Avon met Spock? Or Fox Mulder met Duncan MacLeod? Or the Real Ghostbusters met the Shadow Chasers? Or if any of your particular favorites met each other? If so, this is the zine for you. I am looking for submissions of crossover stories from just about any universe. (I've watched a LOT of TV over the years!) No slash please.")
  • Crossbow Chronicles (1992, multimedia, "A joint venture from MaryAnn Johanson ("Portals" & "The Cricketer") and B. Lynch Black ("Faithful Friends/Agreeable Companions"). A zine for those adventurous heroes of the bow and arrow: Robin of Sherwood; Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and The Legend of William Tell. Now accepting submissions for stories' and artwork — SASE for guidelines. KASTERBORUS PRESS.")
  • Crossovers Anonymous (1995, multi media, gen, "This new zine is about crossovers: funny, serious, dramatic, unlikely... Anything is possible. What if Lovejoy and Duncan McLeod were after the same sword? What if MacGyver were trapped in the Village--would it survive in one piece? What kind of visions would Toronto reporter Louis Ciccone get from Nick Knight? If you can think of good answers to these and other questions, write them down and send them in. I'm looking for any and all fandoms. Just keep 'em true to their worlds. No slash, X, R, or gratuitous violence. If it can be crossed, it can be written!"
  • Crossroads Collected ("A Christine/Spock series begun in Stardate: Unknown," 1980)
  • Crude Matter (Star Wars, to have been published by the Duncan sisters, canceled in 1981 when they gafiated, see has become increasingly clear to us that we cannot continue publishing a fanzine for a movie in which we find so little to recommend)
  • Crystal Encounters (1992, "A zine devoted to Colleen Doran's A Distant Soil is seeking submissions of stories, poetry, art, etc. for the premiere issue. Adult and slash material will be accepted. Crystal Encounters will also contain the unfinished/unpublished WaRP Graphics A Distant Soil #10 and selections of Ms. Doran's art never published before anywhere. For more information, send business-size SASE. TM&C Productions, Julinda Watson & Michele Amason.")
  • Crystal Visions (1978, Sahaj Star Trek zine, "Gee Moaven and I are seriously considering producing a limited run of an artistic fanzine called Crystal Visions. This limited edition would consist of a 'Sahaj Fantasy', told in illustrations (similar to the one on this page) with accompanying verse, or prose. Crystal Visions will be a limited run, based on the number of SASEs received in the next few months. Flyers will be mailed to those of you who are interested when the issue is ready for mailing, and the final price is determined. (At the moment, I expect it will run $5.00 plus postage, but the price depends upon the size of the print run. If you are interested, please send a SASE."))
  • Cupid Leaps and Quantum Crossovers (Quantum Leap, slash, from "Fruit Press," "Looking for stories were Sam leaps into another fandom to play cupid. The stories must be in Sam's lifetime." Deadline was 1/1/95 for a Valentine's Day release.)
  • Curved Space (Star Trek: TOS and TNG, "art and stories based on the WOMEN of Star Trek and Star Trek The Next Generation. New characters, old characters, original characters -- we're looking at everything dealing with the distaff side of Starfleet," Linda Slusher, unknown date but after 1990, see flyer above)
  • The Cytherean Cycle (Star Trek: TOS, collected stories in a Romulan series, Anne Elizabeth Zeek, 1978. It was meant to be a "150-200 page novel of war and rebellion, treachery and betrayal featuring Romulan commander of "The Enterprise Incident." Includes "De Romulani," a "factual history of the Romulan Empire. Art by Susan Armstrong." "De Romulani" had already been published in Time Warp #1 in 1977 as well as "Cythereean Cycle," the latter was reprinted in Intergalactic Etcetera #2)