Another Life, Another Dream (Beauty and the Beast convention)

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Name: Another Life, Another Dream
Dates: July 10–12, 2009
Location: New Orleans, LA.
Type: fan con with guests from the show
Focus: Beauty and the Beast
Founder: Deb Fowler
Founding Date:
URL: convention website
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convention logo by Sandy Chandler Shelton

Another Life, Another Dream was a Beauty and the Beast convention that was held in 2009 in New Orleans, LA. It was subtitled "Memories Beyond The Light Of A Candle". The convention also published charity zine under the same name, Another Life, Another Dream (Beauty and the Beast zine).

From the convention flyer: "Join us as Catherine and Vincent take us to the romance of New Orleans. A place where ladies sashayed and swooned and men were daring and dashing, and pirates navigated into the Port of Orleans to sell their wares. In New Orleans, Catherine and Vincent could truly live another life and dream another dream, their life and their dream. They could make new memories beyond the light of a candle."

Convention photos, videos and memories are archived here.[1]