Faraway Land

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Title: Faraway Land
Date(s): 1997
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Faraway Land is a 14-page art and poetry Beauty and the Beast zine by Sandy Shelton and Marcus Holt. Artwork: a piece every other page facing a poems by Sandy C. Shelton, other poetry by Marcus Holt."

Reactions and Reviews

This is a tiny, handsome, poetry/art zine. The splendid artwork on every other page (facing a poem) is by Sandy C. Shelton. The poetry is by Marcus Holt, of which a sample:

Spring Flower

A blossoming flower, soft and sweet
From beautiful top, to delicate feet.
Exhaling her sweet fragrance into the air.
Taken are all by a flower so fair.
A splash of green lives in the eyes she hides
Just barely visible when her hair blows aside.
She speaks with a voice of earthly delight,
Even in the darkest soul, joy she can ignite.
A more wonderful flower you will never find,
But still I am taken most by her mind.
If verses like this appeal to you, you’ll like this hand-crafted, lovely booklet.[1]


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