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Name: Crystal Rose Lending Library
Date(s): 1991-present (2012)
Archivist: Jan Sutter (deceased), new archivists JoAnn Baca and Carole Whitehead
Founder: JoAnn Grant and Vicki Thomas
Type: fanzine lending library
Fandom: Beauty & the Beast
URL: current Crystal Rose Lending Library
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The Crystal Rose Lending Library, started around 1991 by JoAnn Grant and Vicki Thomas [1], is a collection of out-of-print zines assembled by fans with the goal of making these zines available to those who had never had an opportunity to see them. Their intention was to ensure that this classic fiction would not be lost to Beauty & the Beast fandom.

In 1998, archivist Jan Sutter took over librarian duties. In Winterfest Interview with Jan Sutter (2006), she explains the origins of the lending library:

"Around 1990, JoAnn and Vicki Thomas were on their way home from a B & B meeting and decided to start a fan club there in NC...The Library was started after the first convention they attended [to fill requests by members of the fan club and it contained] zines from their own collections plus donations from other fans, due to the fact that they were getting requests from members to read some of the zines. Sandy P. Shelton got in touch with JoAnn with a zine she had written and they started putting her stories in the newsletter. Then more fans started sending in material for the newsletter." [2]

At last count in 2008, the library had over 800 zines.

As fans migrated to the Internet, many zine stories became available online at the and the Lending Library went on hiatus in 2009. The library was scheduled to resume lending in 2011, however the current archivist Jan Sutter passed away in January 2011. The Library was moved to California where it is under the control of JoAnn Baca and Carole Whitehead. It reopened in September 2011 with an updated website that integrated the Qfer fanzine summaries. The zines are now in East Tennessee under the care of librarian, Carole Whitehead. [3] [4]

For more about the library, see Back in the Day and The Crystal Rose Lending Library, Archived version.


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