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You may be looking for the Beauty and the Beast zine Forever... Always.

Title: Forever and Always
Publisher: Graffics Press
Editor(s): Ann Graff, Jessie Gurner
Date(s): 1990-1991
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
External Links: Samples of interior art from issue #2 & #3
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Forever and Always is a het Beauty and the Beast anthology.

Issue 1

Forever and Always 1 was published in 1990 and has 171 pages. Art by Judy Ley, Maggie Wade, Sue K., and Wendy Smith.

cover of issue #1
The editorial:
Forever and Always. Yes. to us, the love between Vincent and Catherine will last forever and always. All the short stories appearing in this publication reflect our dream for these two lovers. Because of this, we have chosen to totally disregard the third season of Beauty and the Beast .

We tried. We really tried to give the new season our strictest attention and our love. But the sight of our Vincent without his Catherine at his side is very hard to watch, let alone enjoy, We realize in real life that life has to go on after a tragedy. In real life, catastrophes happen. Beauty and the Beast is a fantasy ... it started "Once upon a time ..." We intend to keep it a fantasy... a marvelous, touchingly beautiful love story that was meant to be. A love like Vincent and Catherine possess only comes around once in a lifetime, if at all. Catherine was destined to be with Vincent, and he was meant to be with her...forever. In our opinion, Vincent has had enough misery and heartache in his life without adding a tragedy that would have ended his desire to live. Child or no child, losing Catherine, we feel, would have cast him into such a horribly lonely existence he would have perished from a broken heart. So, in the following pages you will once again be able to witness the love, devotion and romance shared by these two remarkable people. Their love must be allowed to continue, it is meant to be. It simply cannot die. We cannot for get the bond that connected these two lovers. Catherine always knew that she belonged with Vincent. She only had to convince him of it: "Vincent, if this is my fate , I accept it grate- fully. You must believe that. Don't be afraid to want it ... even only for yourself. Don't be afraid to deserve it. You deserve everything."

Come, live the dream with us: Forever and Always.
  • Arabesque Pas de Deux by Ann Graff (4)
  • The Honorable Thing to Do by Jessie Gurner (12)
  • Faithful to Our Bond by Joyce Fuller Kleinkamp (35)
  • From the Diary of by Ann Graff and Jessie Gurner (116)
  • Future Dreams by Anita Hooson (119)
  • Kingdom by the Sea, More Than a Dream by Ann Graff (123)
  • The Awakening by Ann Graff (128)
  • New Beginnings by Jessie Gurner (139)
  • interspersed one-page poems:
    • Baby Vincent by Yvonne Barry
    • A Happy Life by Margo Ann Quigley
    • Awakening by Margo Ann Quigley
    • Beyond the Fear by Kathleen Hall

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

The first in a series devoted to exploring the developing sexual relationship between Catherine and Vincent. Stories include Vincent telling Catherine about Lisa and Devin taking Vincent and Catherine to his cabin. In "The Awakening," which is continued in Volume 2, Catherine nurses Vincent back to health and nature takes its course. There is also a story that features Father and Brigit O'Donnell. Contains Adult stories and art.[1]
“The Awakening” by Ann Graff and “New Beginnings,” a serial by Jessie Gurner are the most effective stories, the latter especially good.[2]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Forever... Always 2 was published in 1990. It contains 202 pages. The art is by Sue K, Judy Ley, Holly Riedel, and Maggie Wade, though a reader would have to determine who did what, as they are not specifically credited to each piece.

  • And Death Shall Have No Dominion by Ann Graff (4)
  • And Baby Makes Three by Ann Graff (43)
  • Magic, poem by Margo Ann Quigley (66)
  • Happy Endings by Jessie Gurner (68)
  • The Awakening: The Conclusion by Ann Graff (88)
  • Water-Color Lovers, poem by Lorraine Cirelli (96)
  • The Balcony, The Apartment, and Other Things by Yvonne Barry (97)
  • Mozart in the Rain by Ann Graff (105)
  • A Weekend with Cupcake by Jessie Gurner (111)
  • Lost and Found, poem by Margo Ann Quigley (126)
  • The Decision by Ann Graff (128)
  • A Dream Come True by Jessie Gurner (139)
  • Wedding Song, poem by Margo Ann Quigley (164)
  • The Enchanted Pool by Ann Graff and Jessie Gurner (166)
  • Vincent and Catherine (A Love Song) by Margo Ann Quigley (174)
  • The Gifts by Joan Ann Mrazik (176)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

Basically a series of consummation stories. In an SND, “Death Shall Have No Dominion,” by Graff, C awakes from a coma and returns Below. In Graff's “And Baby Makes Three,” Jacob complicates V/C's lovelife. The other stories are timeless Classic. “Happy Endings,” the continuation of “New Beginnings,” is wonderful. There's also the conclusion of “The Awakening.” In “A Weekend with Cupcake” by Gurner, the titular cat, parked with C by Jennie, foils a burglar. The writing is consistent and literate; Sue Krinard's art is outstanding.[3]
Volume 2 in this series offers a wide range of stories from Classic "first-time" stories to two set in the post 3rd season time frame. One is a SND story where Diana appears as a friend and helps bring Catherine home; the other has Devin babysitting so Catherine and Vincent can get reacquainted. Other stories include the continuation of "The Awakening" and "New Beginnings" from Volume 1. Additional stories are "Mozart In The Rain," which leads to love in the rain; we meet Cupcake for the first time; Vincent gets a door to his chamber; and he shares pages of his diary with Catherine. Some very nice artwork, especially several by pro artist Sue [K]. Explicit sex as usual.[4]

Issue 3

cover of issue #3 by Sue K
interior art issue #3 by Sue K

Forever... Always 3 was published in 1990. The color cover is by Sue K. Art by Rita Terrell, Donna Eason, Maggie Wade, Elizabeth Helm, Lyndsay, Ann Graff, Holly Riedel, Judy Ley. Authors are Ann Graff, Alan Gammill, Roseann Solnica, Kate Thomas, Joan Ann Mrazik, Jessie Gumer.

The Crystal Rose Lending Library says it has "thirteen stories by Ann Graff, Alan Gammill, Roseann Solnica, Kate Thomas, Joan Ann Mrazik and Jessie Gurner. Much art. Several first time stories."

  • Come to Me in My Dreams by Jessie Gurner
  • Childhood's End by Joan Ann Mrazik
  • Happy New Year, Vincent by Roseann Solnica
  • And Heaven and Earth Shall Sing by Roseann Solnica
  • Here There Be Dragons by Jessie Gurner
  • Moon Struck by Kate Thomas
  • The City in the Sea by Alan W. Gammill
  • The Colors of Love by Joan Ann Mrazik
  • The Wish by Ann Graff
  • To Walk Beside You in the Sunlight by Ann Graff

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

Stunning color cover by Sue Krinard. Best and cutest story is “Here There Be Dragons” by Gurner.[5]
Although this zine is compiled of Classic Catherine and Vincent stories, it does have several that are set in the 3rd season. The first has Elliot coming to the Tunnels to recuperate while Vincent is still searching for Catherine. Diana is mentioned briefly in conversation. The other has Vincent's childhood love returning. Elliot again appears in this story. Other stories have Catherine and Vincent celebrating Christmas and New Year's their way; an alternative to how they met; and a fantasy one. Beautiful color cover by pro artist Sue [K]. Explicit sex.[6]

Issue 4

Forever... Always 4 was published in 1991, is 198 pages, and includes the continuing saga of Cupcake the cat. It has art by Edith L. Crowe, Ann Graff, Judy Ley, Holly Riedel, Lyndsay, Donna Eason. Authors are Edith L. Crowe, Ann Graff, Kathy Babcockf Jessie Gurner, Joan Ann Mrazik.

cover of issue #4
This Adult series continues. All stories are Catherine and Vincent oriented and one story, "...A Friend Indeed," carries on the alternate 3rd season story line from "Childhood's End" found in Volume 3. Elliot again is featured as well as Joe. Explicit sex.[7]
  • A Dark and Stormy Night by Edith Crowe (reprinted in River to the Ocean)
  • A Friend Indeed by Joan Ann Mrazik
  • Cheers by Ann Graff
  • Fathers and Daughters by Jessie Gurner
  • Just Another Friday Night by Kathy Babcock
  • Our Vantage Point by Ann Graff
  • The Return of Cupcake by Jessie Gurner
  • Trust in Love by Kathy Babcock

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

Adult, clever stories. Jessie Gurner's continuing saga of Cupcake the cat will delight cat owners.[8]


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