Forever... Always

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You may be looking for the Beauty and Beast zine Forever and Always.

Title: Forever... Always
Publisher: Catnap Press
Date(s): December 1989
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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cover by Deb Hense

Forever... Always is a 58-page het anthology of Beauty and the Beast fiction. The front cover is by Deb Hense. Fiction by Barbara Sargent, Beth Adams, and Sarashara. One of these authors is "BeElleGee" online.

Interior illos are by Susan Tannehill.

From The Beauty and the Beast Buyer's Guide to Fanzines: "This volume contains a collection of short stories, including "Scratches From Glass" in which Catherine is trapped in a snowstorm when her car skids off the road. In another story, "Beholder's Eye," Father fears for Vincent's safety when a former Tunnel-dweller wishes to return."


  • Hello Lion by Barbara Sargent (1)
  • Flashback by BeElleGee ("At the time this vignette was written, the series was just starting to hint at Vincent's childhood and what it was probably like and the character, Mouse, had just been introduced. He became an instant favorite of mine and demanded his own story.") (9)
  • Scratches from Glass by BeElleGee ("Vincent can sense Catherine is in danger, but she may be too far away for him to help her.... Written in 1988, this fic was the first B&TB fanfiction that I wrote. It appeared in a shorter, slightly different form in the fanzine, "Forever...Always" published by Catnap Press. It's standard episode fair. Catherine gets in trouble and it's up to Vincent to rescue her. Charles, Catherine's father, makes a brief appearance in this one.") (15)
  • Forgotten Bond (25)
  • The Anniversary (35)
  • Beholder's Eye by Beth Gualda (39) (reprinted in River to the Ocean)