The Shadow Knight

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Title: The Shadow Knight
Publisher: Dapplewood Press
Editor(s): Kay Simon and Sharon Wells
Date(s): 1990-1991
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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The Shadow Knight is a het Beauty and the Beast anthology edited by Kay Simon and Sharon Wells.

It is an zine of SND 3rd season stories.

Issue 1

The Shadow Knight 1 was published in December 1990 and contains 212 pages. This zine has a plastic sheet cover with the title written on it, gray heavy paper underneath with the artwork.

It contains much art by Star Cook, Mary Ellen Nicosia, Rita Terrell, J. Ley, Holly Riedel, Barbara Gipson, Sharon Wells (cover), and Alice Baltes.

cover issue #1, Sharon Wells
flyer for issue #1
From an ad:


  • "Illusions of Reality" by Gretchen Kopmanis: Catherine is Gabriel's prisoner, and though her body is locked up, her dreams are able to take her to Vincent.
  • "What if..." by Kay Simon: Catherine is alone with her thoughts in Gabriel's tower. She begins to wonder how her life, her relationship with Vincent might have been.
  • "The Bitter Cold - Missing Scenes from 'Snow' " by Sharon Wells: These are all the moments we didn't get to see in "Snow"; Father's feelings, Vincent's regrets, and flashes from the past.
  • "Loose Ends" by Sharon Wells: Vincent has his child back, but what about all those video tapes Gabriel made? And how did Diana talk her way out of a murder charge? And how do they explain all the mauled bodies? And what about Gabriel's organization? How many loose ends are there? Vincent sets out to see if his world, his child, is still threatened by them.
  • "The Rescue" by Sharon Wells: Could Catherine really still be alive? Diana begins to believe it's true and sets out on a perilous quest to find her. [1]
  • Letter from the Beastess
  • Shadows in the Fog by Gretchen A.K. Kopmanis (7)
  • Illusions of Reality by Gretchen A.K. Kopmanis (8)
  • No Expectations by Bobbi (36)
  • What If by Kay Simon (37)
  • Perchance to Dream by Bobbi (46)
  • Changed... Forever by Gretchen A.K. Kopmanis (47)
  • "Snow" Storm by Gretchen A.K. Kopmanis (51)
  • The Bitter Cold by Sharon Wells (52)
  • Vincent's Silent Questions by Gretchen A.K. Kopmanis (80)
  • Rebirth of the Sonnet 3 by Gretchen A.K. Kopmanis (81)
  • Love's Dominion by Kathleen L. Hall (83)
  • Loose Ends by Sharon Wells (84)
  • Darkness by Bobbi (147)
  • Diana's Secret by Sharon Wells (148)
  • The Rescue by Sharon Wells (continued in the next issue) (149)
  • A Fan's Lament by Alice Bates (211)

Reactions and Reviews

Several stories in this anthology seek to fill in missing scenes and tie up the loose ends of the 3rd season. Diana appears throughout and while she is in love with Vincent, he is too grief-stricken to notice . Zine concludes with 'The Rescue' in which Elliot, Diana and Vincent save Catherine from Gabriel's organization. Nice imagery. [2]
Lots of stuff to read. SND 3rd season. One of the first & best “Catherine in the witness protection program, and "what the hell does the ring mean?” stories. [3]
I would like to say THANK YOU for your zine The Shadow Knight. In this zine you did something that the writers failed to do in the nine episodes that we viewed— you made Diana a real character. To say the least, I was not at all impressed with the character of Diana during the third season, I always felt there was something missing and after reading The Shadow Knight, I can say I might have enjoyed Diana better on the small screen if Jo Anderson could have played her the way you wrote her. Thank you for bringing to life a character that I had completely written-off. I may never enjoy seeing the character in the show, but your zine has made reading about the character a lot more bearable. THANKS! [4]

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, Sharon Wells
back cover of issue #2, Sharon Wells

The Shadow Knight 2 was published in January 1991 and contains 194 pages.

Art Information: Alice Baltes, Barbara Gudlauski, Jackie Kapke, Shirley Leonard, Paula Ollie, Star, Sharon Wells (cover), and Jacquelyn Zoost. Second and last of Shadow Knight Series. Again, an anthology zine of SND 3rd Season stories. Stories and poems by Marilyn, Deborah Shanks, Linda Mooney, Alice Baltes, Terrie Le Brande, and Wells, including the finale of "The Rescue" begun in TSK-1.

This second and last volume of the series offers up more possible scenarios for Catherine's return. In 'Walk Slowly: Love Softiy,' Vincent travels to the Atterworid to find Catherine. This zine also contains the conclusion to 'The Rescue' found in Volume 1. Diana appears as a friend. [5]
  • The Rescue by Sharon Wells
  • Gates of Entry by Linda Mooney
  • Love and Memories by Alice Balties
  • Walk Slowly, Love Softly by Alice Balties
  • A Year in the Life by Teri Lebrande
  • The Happiest Life of All by Sharon Wells

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

Stories vary from superb to questionable, says reviewer. Let's count the ways we can bring Catherine back! Just about every possible scenario from Vincent descending to the Underworld, to zombies, to an amnesia victim wandering amidst Oregon trees (no fooling!). It boggles the mind....[6]


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