O Sweetest Song (Beauty and the Beast novel)

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Title: O Sweetest Song
Author(s): Carolyn Kleinsorge
Cover Artist(s):
Illustrator(s): Mary Ellen Nicosia
Date(s): June 1992
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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O Sweetest Song is a het 294-page Beauty and the Beast novel by Carolyn Kleinsorge. The art is by Mary Ellen Nicosia.

Reactions and Reviews

Followup to Shall Have No Dominion 1-2 (which see). Previously in the series, C has returned to V as a ghost who becomes progressively more solid. By the beginning of this novel, she's indistinguishable from an ordinary woman. The story begins with C/V's wedding. They then plan the conception of another child, with which C is pregnant through most of the balance of the zine. Disturbing V/C's otherwise uniform marital bliss, Jenny's clairvoyant dreams of C's being alive, revealed to Joe, mean that Joe now poses a threat to the tunnels in his determination to find out what happened to C and her child. This problem is addressed, first, by introducing Jenny to the tunnels, then taking the risk of trusting Joe. Many instances of V/C's rapturous, unconflicted lovemaking. Subplots deal with Elliot and Mouse, with hints of romance between Elliot and Jenny. V/C settle down to their “happily ever after” in the story's resolution. In an afterword, the author, a pro romance writer, indicates that this is the final volume in the series. Mary Ellen Nicosia's artwork is characteristically handsome and often erotic, with some sidal nudity. [1]


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