...Shall Have No Dominion (Beauty and the Beast zine by Carolyn Kleinsorge)

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Title: ...Shall Have No Dominion
Author(s): Carolyn Kleinsorge
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1990-1992
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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cover of issue #1, Sherri White
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...Shall Have No Dominion is a het series of Beauty and the Beast novels by Carolyn Kleinsorge. According to an ad in Tunnel Talk, they are "written in a style of the more sensual category romances."

They have been posted as PDFs here.

Issue 1

...Shall Have No Dominion 1 contains 128 pages. It was published in July 1990 and has a cover by Sherri White. The fanzine was also offered in audio-cassette format for the visually impaired.

The story covers roughly a day in Vincent's life. Catherine comes to him as a ghost. The following afternoon, during a visit to the Chamber of the Falls, Catherine returns and informs Vincent she'll be with him forever, tangibly—and visible to others, as well, if he so chooses.

Controversial story line has Catherine returning to Vincent as a spirit made real by Vincent's love. Explicit sex . Well written (pro writer) and romantic.[1]
Author's Note:
Like all true obsessions, this novella arose out of the need to come to terms with a situation that affected me deeply - personally.

For me, both as an individual and as a writer, the Tunnels became real. They exist. As do the people who dwell in them.

Mary is caring for the children, Father is watching over us all, and as long as dreams survive, Vincent has his Catherine.

A small sample of the very extensive art by Sherri White.:

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Covers roughly a day in Vincent's life. But what a day! Catherine comes to him as a ghost and there's some very graphic sex; zine might be better rated as (R), as is the sequel. The following afternoon, during a visit to the Chamber of the Falls, Catherine returns and informs Vincent she'll be with him forever, tangibly-and visible to others, as well, if he so chooses. Other than the magic of the bond, no explanation is given for Catherine's return. Reviewers were divided about this zine; one found the premise unpersuasive and disliked words for the money, given the extremely large type and margins, and wide spacing. The other commented on the literate prose style, despite a few (very few) grammatical hiccups. Pro romance writer. This zine will be more appealing to SND fans than to readers less committed to Catherine's being restored to Vincent on any terms and regardless of the means. Art by Sherri White.[2]

Issue 2

...Shall Have No Dominion 2 is subtitled, "The Next Waltz." It was published in January 1991 and contains 230 pages. There is much less art in issue #2 than in issue #1 and none of it is as explicit.

cover of issue #2, Sherri White

Summary: Continuation of the story line begun in ...Shall Have No Dominion. Catherine slowly is becoming "real."

From the author's notes on the last page of the first issue:
When I originally wrote the last page of ". . . Shall Have No Dominion", it was, in and of itself, a complete entity. It still is. However, in the days and weeks following the publication of the novella, I have received letters and telephone call s asking me to please continue the story.

".. . Shall Have No Dominion" was my way of coping with an untenable situation. Many of you have made it yours as well because of this, and because of my love for the characters and the world Below, I have begun work on the sequel.

Nothing I have ever written has given me as much pleasure as ". . . Shall Have No Dominion". That you, the readers, have accepted my vision of Vincent and Catherine's transcendental love, reaffirms my belief in the limitless boundaries of the human mind.
From the author's notes in issue #2
With The Next Waltz, I continue my idea of what 'really happened' after 'Invictus." As you know from having read ". . . Shall Have No Dominion", I could not leave Vincent to face the rest of his life alone, without the woman he had come to love so deeply. Such a thing was totally incomprehensible to me. Hence, the writing of ". . . Shall Have No Dominion" was a catharsis as well as an obsession. What continues to astound me is the overwhelming support I have received from fans all over the world. You gazed upon my vision with open minds as well as open eyes, and for this, I will be forever grateful. Writing The Next Waltz was much more difficult than I had anticipated. These people wanted to tell their story, their way, and no amount of coaxing, ranting or raving from yours truly would sway them. They stole and changed my plot, twice; ran away with all of the scenes, and invariably made the book theirs. They had a little help from me, but I will be the first to admit that this story belongs to Vincent, Catherine, Father, Pascal, William, Eric, and everyone else who demanded a voice. I thank them for allowing me to tell their story.

An example of the interior art by Sherri White:

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

Well done novel. Follow-up to “Shall Have No Dominion.” This reviewer found “Catherine as a ghost” premise interesting. More graphic sex, as in SHND-1. Large print and margins but still worth the price, considering the longer page count. This story is more fully formed than the previous volume, exploring a bit beyond the fundamental premise. Pro romance writer. We gather publisher considers the graphic sex here as appropriate to an R rating. Followed by O Sweetest Song (which see). SASE to Dominion Press, 1325[2]

Issue 3

...Shall Have No Dominion 3 was published in 1992. The third volume in this Catherine-comes-back-as-a-tangible-ghost series.

cover of issue #3, Mary Ellen Nicosia


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