Cicatrice du Veritas

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Name: Cicatrice du Veritas
Alias(es): C. Kay Hinchliffe
Type: fan, fanzine pubber, convention organizer
Fandoms: science fiction fandom, Beauty and the Beast, Wiseguy, Forever Knight, Society for Creative Anachronism
Communities: MilwApa, Chicago Area Tunnel Society
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Cicatrice du Veritas is the name used in fandom and in the Society for Creative Anachronism by C. Kay Hinchliffe, a Milwaukee-based fan originally from Iowa.

In addition to science fiction fandom and the SCA, she has been active in Beauty and the Beast, Wiseguy and other fandoms, and was a regular attender and program participant at MediaWestCon.

She publishes fanzines and other works under the name Iddy-Biddy Press. She has had over 400 issues of her apazine Scart Issue in MilwApa.

Ciactrice was also founder of the Beauty and the Beast (TV) fan club: Sororal Order of Cat Kissers.

She was the Divan (equivalent to a chair) of ICON 4 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She moved to Milwaukee in 1979, and in 1981 married Orange Mike Lowrey at X-Con 5. In 1995, they were blessed with their one and only fanspring, Kelly J.A. "Ink" Lowrey.

Fanwork Appearances

Forever Knight

Beauty and the Beast

Star Trek


Quantum Leap