Tales from the Raven

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Title: Tales from the Raven
Publisher: Andromeda Press
Editor(s): Christine Hunt
Date(s): 1994
Medium: print
Fandom: Forever Knight
Language: English
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Tales from the Raven is a het Forever Knight 139-page anthology edited by Christine Hunt. It contains a Nick/Natalie novella and other fiction.

  • One Day In The Sun by Christina Hantzopulos Hunt
    • Part One: Mortal Love (1)
    • Part Two: The Birthday Party (6)
  • poetry by Cicatrice du Veritas (60)
  • art by Jeffrey J. Hunt (60)
  • The Conversation by Valerie C. Nolan (64)
  • The Phone Call by Valerie C. Nolan (64)
  • O Valiant Knight by Christina Hantzopulos Hunt (67)
  • The Celebration by Wanda Lee vonSeeberg (68)
  • poetry by Cicatrice du Veritas (80)
  • Helpless by Wanda Lee vonSeeberg (81)
  • artwork by Cagri Sari (85)
  • The Issue (A Sequel to One Day In The Sun) Christina Hantzopulos Hunt (86)