Jigsaw (multimedia zine)

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Title: Jigsaw
Publisher: TASC, the Telefantasy Appreciation Society of Vancouver, B.C.
Editor(s): Bob Furnell.
Date(s): 1990s-2000?
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Jigsaw is a multifandom non-fiction zine published in Canada concentrating primarily on British TV series from Super Car to Red Dwarf. It also features information on American shows from The Time Tunnel to Star Trek. Generally averaged 30 pages with myriad photographs, show news updates, reviews of books based on TV series, media convention reports, show star interviews, and retrospective articles.


The issues are all undated. There are at least thirty-nine.

Issue 1

Was published around 1990?

Issue 2

Issue 3

Articles: Star Trek-TNG, Doctor Who, Adam Adamant Lives, Doomwatch.

Issue 4

Articles: The Champions, Doctor Who, Star Trek – TNG.

Issue 5

Articles: Supermarionation, ST-TNG, Doctor Who – Shada, Red Dwarf, Deep Space Nine.

Issue 6

Articles: Doctor Who – The Sylvester McCoy years, S. McCoy & Sophie Aldred Interviews.

Issue 7

Articles: Sylvestor McCoy Interview Pt 2, The search for the lost DW, The Tomorrow People.

Issue 8

Articles: Celebrate 30 years of Doctor Who, Lost DW, Red Dwarf, DS9, ST-TNG.

Issue 9

Articles: Peter Davison Interview, Sapphire & Steel, Visions 93 report.

Issue 10

Articles: Special Red Dwarf issue, Danny John-Jules interview, Sapphire & Steel.

Issue 11

Articles: Deep Space Nine, Peter Davison interview Pt 2, The Outer Limits, Mini Reviews.

Issue 20

Articles: DW movie sneak preview, Making the X files, Blakes 7 story guide, Mini Reviews.

Issue 39

Was published in 2000. Articles: The five seasons of Babylon 5, Nicolas Briggs interviewed, Space 1999.