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Title: SCAM Presents
Publisher: SCAM
Date(s): the last in 1991
Medium: print zine, fanfic
Fandom: The A-Team
Language: English
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SCAM Presents is a gen anthology published by an unofficial A-Team fan club. This club also published a newsletter, titled SCAM.

Issue 1

SCAM Presents 1 is subtitled, One More Time. It contains 49 pages.

  • Encore for Boots & Bikinis by Linda Hepden
  • The A-Team Chart by Cassandra, ISM and Loot
  • The T-Team and The BA Team by Stephen O-Donoghue
  • Blue Skies, Black Eyes and Red Face by Susan J. King
  • BA's Lament by Jita,
  • The Medic's Tale by Dot Fittes
  • A Kind of Beginning by Victoria Jason
  • The A-Team by Carol Ford.

Issue 2

SCAM Presents 2 is subtitled, Double Heat. It contains 63 pages.

  • Correct Minutes by Socki (3 pages)
  • Vets Stick Together by Karen Jessup (4 pages)
  • If Only I'd Known by C. S. Armitage (2 pages)
  • A Case of Mistaken Identity by Rae McAnally (15 page)
  • High School Drug Dealers by Ruth Queensborough (2 pages)
  • White Lines by Thea Quinn ("A drug lord wants revenge on the team so he kidnaps Face and gets him hooked on cocaine.") (28 pages)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

  • Overall:8
  • Fiction:8
  • Artwork:7
  • Layout/editing:8

Favorite: (1) Vets Stick Together and White Lines because What can I say? I like Face hurt/comfort stories. I can just see Face's reaction in VST regarding his 'doctor'. And I like how the guys support Face, helping him with his problem in WL.

Least Favorite: (1) High School Drug Dealer because I felt is was lacking. There really

wasn't much to the story. [1]

Issue 3

SCAM Presents 3 is subtitled Treble Brewing. It contains 59 pages.

  • The Arrangement by Judy Wrighton (4 pages)
  • Any Wednesday by Lori Beatty (Amy & Murdock story) (8 pages)
  • Getting Home by Klutz (3 pages)
  • One Night in the DOOM Club by Tracy Humphreys (2 pages)
  • Message for Maria by Diane Buckley (2 pages)
  • Fatal Error by J.G. Park (4 pages)
  • Missing in Action by Socki & Captain Sensible ('Nam-era story) (9 pages)
  • Old Man River by Judy Wrighton (2 pages)
  • Pecking Away at the System by Felis Sylvestris (2 pages)
  • Oriental Black Eyes Meet Occidental Brown by Diane Buckley (3 pages)
  • The Labyrinth by Thea Quinn ("Face is very seriously wounded during an attempted capture by Decker...but it wasn't Decker that shot at him.") (13 pages)

Issue 4

SCAM Presents 4 is subtitled, A Small and Deadly Four. It contains 63 pages.

  • Vision of Hope by Wendy Grice (4 pages)
  • Reflections by Thea Quinn (2 pages)
  • In With a Chance by Vivien Young (Amy & Murdock story) (3 pages)
  • Adjust or Your Dead by Felis Sylvestris (3 pages)
  • Busy Line by Judy Wrighton (3 pages)
  • Dreams of Yesterday by Wendy Grice (5th season story, mainly focused on Face) (21 pages)
  • Forbidden Treasure by Rae McAnally (2 pages)
  • Sapphires and Steele by Thea Quinn (A girl hires the team to find her missing brother.) (19 pages)
  • An Impossible Case by Vivian Young (3 pages)

Issue 5

SCAM Presents 5 is subtitled, Alive at Five. It contains 56 pages and was published in 1991.


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