Riders on the Storm

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Title: Riders on the Storm
Publisher: Mkashef Enterprises
Date(s): 1993
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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cover by Alayne

Riders on the Storm is a 148-page slash anthology of the collected previously published stories of Dovya Blacque, Starr Copeland, and Arlan Symons. These stories are reprinted from Hot August Friskys, Resistance, McPikus Interruptus, Fire and Ice, Miami Spice, and Dyad. The cover is by Alayne and it too is a reprint from Miami Spice.


On the front page, the publisher offers the following warning to their readers:
You copy all or part of this sucker without permission and you'll be hunted down like the motherless dog you are! Not only that, but you'll be treated in the same disrespectful, thoughtless manner in which you are treating this humble editor and these hard-working authors; you will be photo-copied, folded, spindled, perfect-bound and/or stapled down your middle, mutilated, sealed in a 10x13 envelope, taped shut, stamped and mailed...at which point you will be at the not-so-tender mercies of the infamous US Postal Service.


The summaries below are from the publisher:

  • Dancing with Shadows by Dovya Blacque (Was it a dream? Was it reality? Sonny Crockett doesn't know which way is up after the episode Shadow In The Dark.) (Miami Vice) (3)
  • Those of Darkness by Dovya Blacque (Blake's 7) (16)
  • Call It Creation by Dovya Blacque (Sitting in front of the fire at Uncle Mike's cabin, Vinnie and Frank face some difficult truths.) (Wiseguy) (17)
  • Accustomed to Her Face by Arlan Symons (K.C. helps McMurphy after Dr. Richard suddenly goes home.) (China Beach) (23)
  • Never Dreamed by Starr Copeland (Father Kostmayer's truth about his brother becomes reality between Robert and Mickey.) (Equalizer) (30)
  • After-Image by Starr Copeland (A nightmare puts Harrison's nerves on edge... especially around Colonel Ironhorse.) (War of the Worlds) (46)
  • Riders on the Storm by Starr Copeland (The case was difficult and Booker doesn't know how much easier Hanson's presense in his apartment is going to make things.) (21 Jump Street) (65)
  • Shadow of a Hero by Dovya Blacque (Blake's 7) (75)
  • Strange Fire by Starr Copeland (Donovan and Tyler find themselves in too-close quarters sharing a Harley Davidson as they search for a new site for the Rebel base.) (V) (76)
  • Orinoco Flow by Dovya Blacque (The S.O.S. undoubtedly came from Paris. But why has he requested no one but Nicholas Black?) (Miami Vice/Vampire) (96)
  • The Sixth Day by Starr Copeland (Why has Gabe Cash showed up on Ray Tango's doorstep on a Saturday afternoon? And why isn't Tango surprised?) (Tango and Cash) (106)
  • Confession, After a Fashion by Dovya Blacque (Blake's 7) (117)
  • Another Word for Trust by Starr Copeland (Billy The Kid's eagle eye brings Doc Scurlock's attention to the special regard Chavez has for him.) (Young Guns) (118)
  • Sunlight on Shattered Glass by Dovya Blacque (A ride in the middle of the night and a shocking revelation have Vinnie Terranova reassessing his opinion of Sonny Steelgrave.) (Wiseguy/Vampire) (127)
  • Opus Six by Dovya Blacque (A verbal dance between Vinnie Terranova and Frank McPike.) (Wiseguy) (131)
  • Beyond the Storm by Dovya Blacque (Blake's 7) (134)
  • Shade by Starr Copeland (Martin Castillo owes Ray a favor... and the mysterious man in the black Stingray Corvette has arrived in Miami to collect.) (Miami Vice/Stingray) (135)
  • Brothers 1/Brothers 2 by Starr Copeland (Miami Vice) (148)