Intimate Affairs

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Title: Intimate Affairs
Publisher: Mary L. Millard
Editor(s): Mary L. Millard
Date(s): 1995
Medium: print
Fandom: Man from UNCLE
Language: English
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Intimate Affairs is a slash Man From UNCLE anthology and is 190 pages with no art.

It required an age statement to purchase.

  • Affair of the Heart by Jennifer Cole (poem) (1)
  • When in Rome by Elizabeth Cochrane (""You know," Napoleon said, "it just came to me in the shower that I never thanked you for saving my life. Or for giving up your vacation to help me free Emil, for that matter." Illya was surprised. In the six months he and Napoleon had worked together the American had never thanked him for anything, that he could recall."") (3)
  • Dark Nights of Fear by Mary L. Millard ("The chances that Illya would actually be in the remote Swiss cabin were slim. Napoleon knew that. And even slimmer he would still be alive. Yet as the U.N.C.L.E. helicopter approached its target, the senior agent still felt his heart begin to race with hope...") (13)
  • Confrontation by Jennifer Cole ("Waverly turned his chair directly toward the young agent then... "We have been monitoring Mr. Solo's physical and emotional state for some time now. Since the Summit Five Affair in Geneva, actually. During that time his psychological condition has deteriorated a great deal, to the point where I feel he can no longer safely operate as a field agent or in Section Two..."") (30)
  • Fair Trade by Theresa Kyle ("Illya picked up a cup of coffee, which was sitting on the dashboard, and took several sips. Andjust like, that, Napoleon thought, we're just friends again—until the next time Illya asks me i f I want it and I say yes. He looked out at the dark, empty night, feeling empty inside as well.") (42)
  • Ulterior Motives by Jane Terry ("Illya took one foot between his hands and began a gentle massage. Napoleon was stunned. This was one service he would never have asked of his friend, much less expected him to volunteer.") (86)
  • A Private Affair by Jennifer Cole (""I want to know why you walked out on me," Illya stated directly. "Why you left U.N.C.L.E. and me without so much as a word. Mr. Waverly sent me out on assignment one week and when I returned the next, you were gone. Even if it is fifteen years later, I need to know why."") (93)
  • No Man Is ans Island by Pamela Talbott ("Illya thought about Napoleon. About the years that they had been partners—and the years that they had been lovers, the many wonderful times they had stolen together. And the number of times that women had come between them. He realized that he just wasn't willing to put up with this anymore. But what could he do?") (107)
  • Love and Death by Theresa Kyle ("Napoleon looked up and met the gaze of his partner, who was standing there on the dock staring at him, his gun drawn but at his side. Napoleon, as he met the haunted eyes, abruptly remembered he hadn't answered Illya's call earlier. Oh, God. He must've thought I was dead.") (117)
  • Wet Dream by Elizabeth Cochrane (136)
  • Always and Forever by Susan Devereaux (138)
  • The New Tomorrow Affair by Mary L. Millard ("Former U.N.C.L.E. agents Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin had only worked two affairs together since their reunion. Somehow to Ben Kowalski that made Solo's current misfortune seem even more poignantly sad. He lounged in the hospital waiting room pretending to be dozing, all the while discreetly watching Kuryakin pace around the room.") (167)

Reactions and Reviews

See reactions and reviews for Fair Trade.
[zine]: Intimate Affairs is the first slash zine I ever bought, an excellent introduction to fandom. The stories are emotion-centered, many of them hurt/comfort, and the zine is a classic of that slash subgenre.

When in Rome by Elizabeth Cochrane is an epilogue to the Terbuf Affair. Napoleon is suffering the pangs of rejection along with the aftereffects of the events depicted in the episode. Illya must decide how far he dare go to alleviate his friend's pain.

Dark Nights of Fear by Mary Millard is a poignant, intense hurt/comfort story. Illya has been tortured and Napoleon appoints himself caretaker to his emotionally fragile partner, leading to unexpected revelations about their relationship.

Confrontation by Jennifer Cole. Napoleon is falling apart and Illya is determined to find out why. The answer will either tear them apart or bring them closer together.

Fair Trade by Theresa Kyle is one of my all-time favorite stories. Right from the astounding opening scene, the twists and turns in the angst-ridden plot keep the reader on edge.

Ulterior Motives by Jane Terry is a fifteen year's later story. Written in a delightfully subtle, low-key style rare in fandom, the story features excellent dialogue and right-on-target characterizations.

A Private Affair by Jennifer Cole. It is fifteen years later and Napoleon cannot evade Illya's questions about why he broke up their partnership any longer.

No Man is an Island by Pamela Talbott. Illya needs to put some distance between himself and his partner. But Napoleon has other ideas. A battle of wills ensues on a deserted island.

Love and Death by Theresa Kyle. The dangers of the job ignite Napoleon's and Illya's feelings for each other in this emotion-packed, satisfying story.

Wet Dream by Elizabeth Cochrane. His judgement just a trifle impaired by painkillers. Napoleon writes a letter to Illya.

Always and Forever by Susan Devereaux. A hurt/comfort classic, another of my favorites. Napoleon is at his gallant best when Illya needs him most.

The New Tomorrow Affair by Mary Millard. Another fifteen years later story. Napoleon and Illya must come to terms with their feelings for each other before it is too late. [1]


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