When Lightning Strikes

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You may be looking for Struck by Lightning, a Due South zine or Where the Lightning Strikes, a multifandom zine.

Title: When Lightning Strikes
Publisher: Idiot Triplets Press
Editor(s): Linda McGee
Date(s): 2002
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
External Links: Publisher's Website: 2008 -- S/H Zines from Idiot Triplets Press, Archived version
SHareCon 2010: Idiot Triplets Press, Archived version
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When Lightning Strikes is a slash 227-page Starsky and Hutch anthology. The color cover is by Linda Cody. It has interior art by L.A. Pinn (two pieces) and Helen (one piece). This zine won a Sizzler Award (Best SH Zine) at Connexions 2003, and a Huggy Award (Best SH zine) at ZebraCon 2003.

cover by Linda Cody

Some Printing Issues Regarding Interior Art

I had checked Linda's master for the zine and okayed it at the printer, but I wasn't happy with the reproduction of the two interior b&w art pieces. They're lovely, with subtle shadings, and neither came out well. So we redid the art and are replacing the art in the zines that haven't sold yet, since those are still in hand. But we would like to provide punched replacement pages for the zines already purchased. Most office supply stores like Office Depot, Staples, or Office Max have a comb binder they let customers use to bind their self-produced publications. It is very easy to take the zine there and replace the pages yourself so that the zine is complete with the better art.

So if you bought When Lightning Strikes at the con, please let me know how many copies you bought and where I can send the replacement art pages. There is NO CHARGE for this. I've already sent out quite a few replacements, now that I'm back from Florida. We think about 75 copies were sold, and I would really like to have each zine be complete. So drop me a note! When you see how lovely this art is, you'll be glad you did. [1]


Reactions and Reviews

See reactions and reviews for When I Was the Sheriff of Beavertooth County.
[Guardian]: Dobey invited the boys over for a barbeque, but when they get there it's only Dobey...no Edith, no Cal, no Rosie. Slightly out of the ordinary, but not unusual. But for this situation, Dovey wanted it just to be him. What he has to ask the boys is delicate and hard for him and their reactions aren't known. Prejudices come in all forms and dealing with them is sometimes too much to deal with.

"It’s nobody’s business." Hutch addressed himself to the backyard. "As long as we do our job and don’t bother anybody."

"You’re right," Dobey said. "In a perfect world, differences wouldn’t matter and no one would bother anyone else. In a perfect world, there’d be no separate bathrooms and no lynchings."

"In a perfect world, there’d be no crime and we could all go home," Starsky offered.

"Perfect World," Hutch grunted.

You learn to deal, you learn to stand it, because it's the only way you can survive sometimes. [2]


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