Struck by Lightning

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You may be looking for When Lightning Strikes, a Starsky and Hutch zine or Where the Lightning Strikes, a multifandom zine.

Title: Struck by Lightning
Publisher: Devious Developments Press
Date(s): March 2005
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Due South
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Struck by Lightning is a Due South Vecchio/Fraser slash anthology fanzine published by Devious Developments Press. It is a 218 page digest sized with a color cover by The Cat's Meow Creative Arts.

From its submission request: "Struck By Lightning aka Coup de Foudre (Due South, RayV/Benny, digest sized. Happy endings NOT required but warnings will be printed. No RayK bashing, please.) DEADLINE: March 1, 2005 Status: 1/2 full." [1]


  • Home Truths by Aingeal. Excerpt: It wasn't often he felt so helpless but without Ray, awake and smiling, he was.
  • Dreams Can Come True by Nikki Harrington. Excerpt: However, 'normal circumstances' and Benton Fraser were not things you tended to associate with one another. ...
  • ...And Videotape by X-Tricks. Excerpt: Ray shucked off his coat so fast, he nearly got rug burn.
  • A Canadian Werewolf in Chicago by Anam. Excerpt: Ray saw his simple prank theory dissolve quickly into a potential homicide case.
  • For You, Benny by Nikki Harrington. Excerpt: Then Benny said, "I've missed you, Ray," and I could have cried; I mean it, I could have cried.


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