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Name: Aingeal
Alias(es): aingeal8c
Type: fan writer, moderator
Fandoms: due South
Communities: ds_closet, ds_crack, ds_meta, ds_shakespeare, ds_weekly, ds_women, fraserasakitten, Older Not Dead
URL: aingeal8c on livejournal
Aingeal on Due South Fiction Archive
Armani and Serge - Aingeal's Due South Site
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Aingeal has been a writer in the due South fandom since 2005, mods several Due South LiveJournal communities including ds_closet, and compiles the weekly Due South newsletter DS Weekly.

Writing style

China Shop in ds_profiles says about Aingeal 's due South writing:

"Aingeal writes fun, dialogue-rich stories, often with banter or bickering. Her stories are often humorous, sometimes whimsical and sometimes straight-out crack (beaver spirit animals, animal transformations, etc). She is amazingly prolific, and her love for her characters, especially Ray Vecchio, is evident in all her fic." [1]

Notable Fanfiction

  • Through a mirror - her reflection (Fraser/Vecchio, genderfuck, PG-13, contains non-graphic references to sexual assault). This is a fascinating, painful, sometimes funny look at Vecchio's time in Las Vegas, in an AU where Ray's undercover as Amanda Langoustini. Eventually s/he finds his way back to Fraser—and herself.
  • A Little Bit of Filing (Fraser/Vecchio/Elaine, NC-17). This is a classic supply closet/storeroom PWP. Established relationship. Sweet.
  • In a Lodge in Chicago, Beaver Behind, and Subtle Hint (Fraser/Vecchio, crack). In which Ray and Fraser have spirit animals... who happen to be beavers.


  1. ^ china_shop, due South Author Profile: Aingeal posted on 10 April 2010 (Accessed 18 April 2010)