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Journal Community
Name: ds_closet
Date(s): Created on 22 July 2005
Moderator: aingeal8c, nakeisha
Founder: aingeal8c
Type: slash and gen friendship
Fandom: Due South
URL: profile

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ds_closet is a livejournal community for fans of Benton Fraser and Ray Vecchio's relationship (either as slash or gen friendship) on livejournal. It calls itself "A Benny and Ray slash friendly community".

According to the community profile, "We welcome fic, art, screencaps, meta, recs, anything like that as long as it relates to Season 1 & 2 *or* Fraser/Vecchio *or* Fraser&Vecchio.; Ideally the emphasis should be on Fraser/Vecchio Or Fraser&Vecchio.; Posts that compare Fraser/Vecchio to other pairings in any way are discouraged."[1]

As of January 2021, the community had 816 posts; 5,270 comments; and 185 members.[1]


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