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Journal Community
Name: Due South Author Profiles aka ds_profiles
Date(s): Created on 30 October 2009
Moderator: China Shop
Founder: China Shop
Type: LJ community
Fandom: DS
URL: ds_profiles LJ
ds_profiles DW

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The Due South Author Profiles (at ds_profiles) is a LJ community founded by China Shop and dedicated to cataloging past and present Due South writers and creators of fanworks. Their mission is to produce "an ever-growing encyclopedia of awesome!"

The writers covered so far can be found on the community's index page.

Author's Masterlist

Writers profiled in 2009 include: A.C. Chapin, A. Kite, Aristide, Arrow, basingstoke, belmanoir, Brynn McK, Colleen Kane, Dilanne Tomas, etcetera-cat, heuradys, hth, lalejandra, Nifra Idril, Nos4a2no9, Omphale, pearl-o, shrift, spuffyduds, umbrella_half.

So far in 2010 the following writers have been profiled: Abbybanks, aingeal8c, akamine_chan, Aria, Berty, Beth H, Brigantine1, Brooklinegirl, catwalksalone, China Shop, Crysothemis, Dessert First, Dira Sudis, Estrella30, exbex, Exeterlinden, Grey, isis, J S Cavalcante, Justbreathe80, Kat Allison, keerawa, Kellie Matthews, kindkit, lamardeuse, Lucifuge, Luzula, Malnpudl, Matthew Haldeman-Time, Mergatrude, misspamela, Mizface, mondschein1, Morgan Dawn, Pares, Petronelle, pir8fancier, Prudence Dearly, Resonant, rubberbutton, Sage, Secretly Bronte, Shayheyred, Sionnain, snoopypez, Speranza, Sprat, Stars, vienna_waits, Viridian5, waltzforanight, Zabira, Zillah, Zoetrope.