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Name: Dessert First
Alias(es): Dess
Type: Fan writer
Fandoms: Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, due South, Firefly, Ocean's 11, Supernatural, The Faculty, Torchwood
URL: Dessert First's stories on AO3
Dessert First's stories on LJ
Dessert First at DS Seekrit Santa Archive
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Dessert First has been a writer in the due South fandom since May 2007 and co-mods DS Recsredux with ifreet.

Lucifuge5 in ds_profiles says about Dessert First's writing:

"Dess' talents as a writer are always on target whether she writes funny stories or porn. Not only does she have a pitch-perfect RayK voice, but her Fraser one is also sharp every single time. She has a particular knack for writing non linear stories as well as lower-rated, i.e. non porny, ones that are nevertheless extremely pleasurable to read. The majority of her fics have happy but realistic endings. In addition, her take on fandom tropes (clueless!RayK, secretly naughty!Fraser) are remixed into new and lovely ways." [1]

Notable Works

due South

  • Again, This Time (Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, ficlet) In this story, we see a completely open RayK who tries his hardest to get a terrified Fraser to acknowledge that the two of them have feelings for each other. There is sex and it is good, but (unlike many a fic out there) bumping uglies doesn't solve much for them.
  • When It Comes to This (Fraser/Kowalski, PG-13?, short). RayK asks Fraser to grab a bite to eat after work only to find Fraser acting, well, stranger than usual. Told from RayK's POV, this is a fic that will warm the reader up as RayK discovers Fraser's idea of courtship.
  • Want (Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 4,056 words). Written for DS Match 2008 Team Whimsy. It all started… well. It's impossible to say when it all started. Fraser has thought it over a thousand times, gone over every single interaction, every crumb of information, every scrap or clue. But the very nature of the matter is what makes it so difficult to find anything out of the ordinary.
  • Ray from the Material World (Fraser/Kowalski, PG-13, AU, a little over 20k words) Written for due South Big Bang. RayK is the human counterpart and co-pilot to a Fraser who has had his consciousness integrated with a spaceship after the terrible events in an alternate version of the "Victoria's Secret" story arc. This is a angsty romance between two men who have never seen each other face to face; it's a space saga as Fraser goes after Muldoon; it's a tense drama as Fraser says good-bye to everyone he cares about. Thrilling, heartbreaking, and uplifting - a most fabulous read.


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