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Name: Lucifuge5
Alias(es): Lucifuge_5, Luce
Type: fan writer, fan artist, podficcer, reccer, moderator
Fandoms: due South, c6d, Bandom
Communities: Due South Canadian 6 Degrees Big Bang, c6d_universe, bandombigbang, snowflake_challenge, and bandom_holidays
URL: Dreamwidth, AO3, Tumblr, Podfics I've Created, Podfics of My Fic
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Lucifuge5 is a fan writer, fan artist, podficcer, reccer and moderator for Bandom. She was formerly involved with the due South and c6d fandoms.

As a fan

Lucifuge started out as a baby fan during the original run of Xena where she was swept away by all of the not-so-subtext in the show. She also imprinted strongly on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

As a writer

Lucifuge started writing Hard Core Logo first, in 2008, before moving into due South. Since then, she's written some dS/C6D crossovers, notably with Slings & Arrows and Durham County. She's also written some lovely Canadian RPF stories. In 2010, she heard the siren call of Bandom. She is unashamedly fond of werewolves.

A good portion of her stories have some element of kink in them, as well as domesticity. She likes stories where the kink is just an every day normal part of life. She's also very interested in fanworks involving female characters, and is a big fan of femmeslash.

According to akamine_chan:

"Luce has a wide-range of styles from serious to dark to sexy to wacky, and she's still trying out her writing wings in a lot of ways, exploring her skills in a variety of genres with a variety of characters. Nothing seems to be too over-the-top for her and she has a true talent for making the most wacky and/or loopy premise work when it really, really shouldn't. One of the best things about Luce is her amazing creativity. She generates plot bunnies like...something that generates plot bunnies and they amaze and dazzle with their originality." [1]

due South and C6D writing

Lucifuge5 started out writing primarily Fraser/Kowalski, but it wasn't long before she was writing gen and Fraser/Kowalski/Turnbull, as well as Frannie-centric stories. She had a special place in her heart for Frannie stories.

Notable works:

  • Dramatis Personae (due South x Slings & Arrows, Fraser/Kowalski, PG13) - Someone is trying to killed Geoffrey Tennant, the artistic director of the New Burbage Shakespeare Festival, and Fraser goes undercover to find the culprit before it's too late.
  • You Zig and Then You Zag (Fraser/Kowalski, R) - An amazing secret-agent AU. Fast paced and funny and matter-of-fact, it's got a wonderfully different but still clear Ray-voice that is wonderful.
  • Hinky Cute (Fraser/Kowalski/Turnbull, PG) - A sweet and fluffy kinky-morning-after-domestic fic, where Turnbull gets out of bed early to cook something up for his boys.
  • Illinois Run (Frannie/Welsh, G) - Frannie-centric Space Opera AU!

Bandom writing

Lucifuge writes almost exclusively about My Chemical Romance, though she does occasionally borrow characters from other bands for her stories, which often feature a large cast of characters. She favors Frank/Mikey, but she also enjoys Ray/Gerard and Frank/Jamia/Gerard.

She is totally capable of writing canon-compliant stories, but she really loves to create unique settings for her stories and that's really where her creativity and imagination shine.

Notable works:

  • Food of Love (Frank/Mikey, PG13) - A bakery AU, with horror-themed baked goods that hold true to MCR's early gothic vampire aesthetic. Sweet and funny and light.
  • Cuddles, Inc. (Frank/Mikey, PG13) - A story in which Frank gets sick. Again. It's warm and cozy and domestic, filled with love.
  • All the Broken Pieces (Keep Cool, Stay Tough) (Frank/Mike, Explicit) - an AU where MCR never happened, and Frank has to deal with some severe challenges in his life. This is one of the bravest stories every written, because it tackles the difficult subject of disability without waving a magic wand at the end.

Writing in other fandoms

Lucifuge has created fanworks in a handful of other fandoms, including Fight Club, Veronica Mars, and Revenge.

Notable works:

As a podficcer

Lucifuge has created a number of podfic of stories she's enjoyed, as well as participated in collaborative projects at pod_together. Her best quality as a performer is the emotion she brings to her recordings; she's excellent at conveying the humorous or dramatic parts of a story. She also doesn't shy away from reading explicit scenes.

Notable works:

As an fan artist

Lucifuge started making digital fan art mostly in self-defense; she wanted covers for her fan mixes and it was just easiest to teach herself the basics in GIMP than trying to describe what she wanted visually. She usually limits herself to making covers for mixes and podfics and submitting graphics for Bandom Big Bang.

She is also an extremely talented fan mixer, curating collections of music that highlight and follow along with a story arc in really amazing ways.

Notable works:

As a reccer

Lucifuge has always been an active reccer, providing squee-filled recs for communities such as crack_van, fancake, and fanart_recs. She's always felt that reccing is an important part of the fannish experience.

As a moderator


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