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Synonyms: Original Flavor[1]
See also: Canon Divergence AU, Canon
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Canon Compliant is a term used to describe a fanfic's relationship to canon. It is applied to fanfics that are not set in an alternate universe, and is usually an indication that the fan writer made an effort to at least not contradict known canon details, plot developments, character back story, etc. However, in practice, canon compliance is more of a sliding scale and less of an absolute in fanfic, except perhaps for Canon Nazis. Fic headers often contain information about what the fic is compliant with (e.g. diverges after season 2, compliant with movie canon, etc.). Canon compliance can be difficult to achieve in open canons and in RPF fandoms, where an idea that fit with canon at the time the fan started writing could easily be contradicted by further developments by the time the story is posted.


Far past fics - fics that flesh out, or take place long before events of canon (Ie. A founding of Westeros fic, based off known lore.)

Near past - similar to far past, the fanfiction fleshes out more recent history that canon doesn’t fully explore. (Ie. James courting Lilly in seventh year)

Interlude - takes place within the canon story. Those are ‘missing moments’ fics; between two books, two episodes, two seasons or two games (Ie. Master Thaidakar reacting to Hoid’s message.)

Extended scene - similar to the above, it fleshes out a described event, fulling describing a scene that was not explored.

Alternate perspective - the story or scene told from someone else’s Point of view (ie. Charmed Life told from the perspective of Chrestomanci)

Canon Continuation - A story taking place in the near-future of canon (Ie. Kagome and Inuyasha’s new journey together after she returns to the past)

Mid-future - taking place some distance from canon, but not so far that it has become myth (Ie. The next Avatar after Korra is born)

Far Future - taking place in the distant future of canon, where canon has become myth (Ie. A new turning of the Wheel)

Timeless - capable of taking place at any point in the series[1]

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