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Are you looking for the fannish use of Nazis?

Synonyms: Nitpick
See also: Canon What Canon, Canon Compliant
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A canon nazi is a fan who

  1. strictly adheres to canon in their own fanworks or
  2. notices deviations from canon in others' fanworks or
  3. decries continuity errors in the source text.

See also TV Tropes' definition.

Some people have pointed out that the term trivializes

  1. the horrors perpetrated by Nazi Germany before and during World War II
  2. what Neo-Nazis are and stand for
  3. how the German people today feel about it

The term itself can be a somewhat derogatory characterization of fans who are prone to nitpicking or who appear (to other fans) to be taking the canon too seriously. The Geek Hierarchy may come into play. Other ways of being fannish take a more flexible approach to canon — either treating it as just the starting point for their own imaginations, or being actively involved in critiquing problematic or contradictory aspects of the canon.

Examples of Useage

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