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Journal Community
Name: Deleterius
Date(s): 2000s
Moderator: Tviokh, morriganscrow, lady_sesstra
Founder: Tviokh
Type: meta, sporking
Fandom: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings
URL: Livejournal (defunct); Archive of community profile as of 2008

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Deleterius was a Livejournal community for sporking from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fanfiction. It was spun off of the main marysues Livejournal. It was deleted and purged at some point in 2012. The Wayback Machine returns only Livejournal's Adult Content Notice. Its motto was "Pass the sporks and Bleeprin". As of 2008, the community had just over 2700 members. Some material is archived at the Protectors of the Plot Continuum wiki.

The community was originally a Pottersues-esque site for poking fun at Mary Sues and badfic, but it eventually splintered in 2005 after the community icon was replaced with an image containing the word "Canon" and a swastika, a reference to the term Canon Nazi. Some members objected strongly to the use of a swastika to identify the community, while others, including the community's owner Tviokh, defended its use. Fandom Wank reported on the incident. The icon remained in place and some members split off into a new community called Scourgify. Scourgify never reached the size or popularity of Deleterius.

Perhaps owing to the icon imbroglio, Deleterius started to be seen as an overly negative community that prioritized angry ranting over the humor that was supposed to accompany sporkings.