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Name: argentumlupine
Type: podficcer, fan writer
URL: @ audiofic archive
@ AO3
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argentumlupine is a podficcer and fanfic writer who has made fanworks in many fandoms, but has a particularly large body of work in Bandom.

akamine_chan recced several of her podfics at podfic-love:

argentumlupine has the uncanny ability add layers to a story with her performance. Something that should be a simple tale of people having sex suddenly turns into something with feelings and I love that about her podfics. Also, I love the way she uses specific voices to distinguish between characters - she was the first podficcer that I ran across that did that, and I kinda imprinted on her because of that. argentumlupine is also a technically proficient podficcer - she has an instinctive knowledge of pacing and rhythm, when to move the story along, and when to slow down. Her editing is flawless and the volume levels are perfect for listening with computer speakers or with headphones.[1]


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