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Name: DS Match
Date(s): DS Match 1: Autumn 2007, DS Match 2: Summer 2008
Moderator(s): china_shop, sageness, and brynnmck
Founder: china_shop and sageness
Type: challenge
Fandom: Due South
Associated Community: http://community.livejournal.com/ds_flashfiction/
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DS Match is a DS Flashfiction special event challenge in Due South fandom on livejournal. It was based directly on McShep Match, which was in turn based on HP fandom's Snarry Games. There are two teams with an equal number of players. One player from each team is matched up against a player from the other team and assigned the same prompt.

Unlike its predecessors, DS Match does not focus on a single pairing. Instead, each team must provide at least one story for Fraser/Kowalski, Fraser/Vecchio, Kowalski/Vecchio, and Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio. Also, DS Match uses dialogue prompts in lieu of subjects.

2007: Team Angst vs. Team Romance

In organizing the first DS Match, china_shop and sageness chose to keep the same Team Themes, Angst and Romance, as in McShep Match. Nos4a2no9 was the captain of Team Angst and Slidellra was the captain of Team Romance. Each team consisted of 17 players in addition to the captains. Team-building started with drabble trees and Angst and Romance "bombs", anonymously posted comment fic left in the journals of the opposing team members.

2008: Team Reality vs. Team Whimsy

After discovering what an energy-intensive challenge DS Match 1 was to manage, China and Sage made several changes for DS Match 2. Teams were reduced to 13 players in addition to the captains. Team signups were held months earlier so as not to impinge on the holiday challenge season. And brynnmck was recruited as a third moderator. After a period of brainstorming and fandom polls, the mods decided on Reality and Whimsy as the year's themes.

Team Reality was tasked with writing fic that removed the magical realism aspects of the show, while Team Whimsy was required to use supernatural elements in their stories. Both teams were encouraged to write across the prior year's Angst/Romance lines.

Team Reality was helmed by Nos4a2no9 and Team Whimsy was captained by Zabira. DS Match 2 also started off with an icon challenge, and proceeded with drabble trees, whimsy and reality "bombs", and online team viewing parties.


The fest has been hosted by DS Flashfiction, and all the fic can be found there. Each team has its own community locked to team members only. There is a DS Match community, also, but it exists mainly for administrative matters. (Community was purged by LJ due to inactivity some time before 2013-09-08: see catwalksalone's post in ds_flashfiction.)

DS Match 1 Fic

DS Match 2 Fic