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Name: China Shop
Alias(es): china
Type: Fan writer, organiser, vidder
Fandoms: due South, C6D, White Collar, Guardian
Communities: ds_recfinders, ds_flashfiction, ds_con_envy, out_of_con_txt, ds_profiles
URL: fic website
China shop at AO3
some stories archived at due South Archive
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China Shop's first fandom was Due South. She started posting fic in August 2004, and was initially focused on Fraser/Kowalski. However, reading Kat Allison's The End of the Road broke her OTP, and she diversified. She wrote and vidded in White Collar fandom from 2009 to 2014, spent some time writing tiny Kdramas, and is now in Guardian fandom.



China's current main fandom is Guardian.

White Collar

China's second main fandom is White Collar, where she primarily writes Neal/Clinton, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, Peter/Neal and gen.


China started vidding in December 2009. Her vids can be found under her "fanvid" tag on AO3.

due South

China was very active in due South and 6 Degrees of Canada (C6D) fandoms for nearly 5 years. She is an avid supporter of Fraser and his Rays, and writes Fraser/Vecchio, Fraser/Kowalski, Ray/Ray and FKV, as well as dabbling in minor pairings from time to time. She mods ds_flashfiction and various other LJ comms.


China also writes Canadian RPS, which she posts to a locked comm, tinhat_valley.[1] Join the comm to see the fic. Membership is moderated. A lot (but not all) of her RPS is cross-posted to the locked LJ community, ckr_actorfic.

Other quirks and 'verses

One of China's quirkier set of adventures is set on an imaginary cruiseliner drifting on the Tasman sea, which she shares with mergatrude. The ship is peopled with a mix of Mary-Sues, due South and CD6 characters and actors, and an animatronic llama named Albuquerque.[2] There are approximately forty stories set in the cruiseliner 'verse, ranging from tiny snippets to 25,000 word epics.

China also shares the Gloriaverse - in which Ray Vecchio is a part-time drag queen - with sageness. The Gloriaverse starts before The Pilot, continues on after the end of the show, and encompasses all possible FKV pairing permutations.

Writing style

China's writing runs the gamut from humor to angst. She enjoys crack premises such as amnesia and bodyswaps, but usually writes them in a serious "realistic" way. She is prolific: her first due South stories were posted on 2 August 2004, and she lists nearly two hundred of her stories in her delicious tags (which don't include RPS or cruiseliner fics).

sprat says in due South Author Profiles:

"[S]he writes like I wish I could, building entire stories on character insights and letting conflict unfold from the interactions of the principals in each fic. But the things I admire most, I think, are her attention to detail, her ability to mess with narrative structure and the way she writes humanity into the crackiest of premises (even the one with the duck)." [3]

Fandom Organising

LJ comms and challenges

China took over from speranza as primary mod of DS flashfiction at the end of 2007. She also moderates DS recfinders with izzybeth and brynnmck, and DS Match with sageness and brynnmck.

She ran out.of.con.txt, a Due South fic-and-icon exchange, with Sageness, and has been involved in a number of other online con alternatives focusing on Due South and C6D.

More recently, she has founded ds_profiles, a LJ community dedicated to profiling artists and writers in due South.

Fandom and Life Appreciation Challenges

China hosts annual fandom appreciation challenges, where she uses the LJ polls feature to "harness the power of the tickybox" and encourage people to send feedback on stories and to community organisers, rec vids, write love letters to fandom, and generally get their glee on.[4]

Life appreciation challenges were a spin-off from the fandom appreciation challenges, and involved participants doing small meditative tasks, preferably away from the keyboard. The life appreciation challenge is now run erratically but ongoingly on life_yay.


After attending SinpOzium in 2005, China and arysteia started hosting an annual slash mini-con in Wellington, New Zealand called Get Together. Attendance varies between a dozen and twenty-odd participants. Slash pictionary is a regular event, and attendees are encouraged to pimp their fandoms. In 2008, get/together was held in a rented hall for the first time, rather than at the homes of one of the organisers.

Notable Works

Doctor Who

White Collar



due South





Fraser/Vecchio & Vecchio/Kowalski

Other Pairings


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