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Name: Brynn McK
Alias(es): brynn, brynnmck
Type: Fan writer, con organizer, community moderator
Fandoms: Alias, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, C6D, due South, Firefly, Flashpoint, Supernatural
Communities: ds_raysquared
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Active in due South and 6 Degrees of Canada fandom among many others, Brynn McK is also the creator of Pacificon (aka Bitchin' Party). She also runs a number of LiveJournal communities. She is generous, enthusiastic and big-hearted, and writes excellent fanfiction.

Due South Fandom

Brynn's primary Due South pairings are Fraser/Vecchio, Ray/Ray and F/K/V. She also has a soft spot for Fraser/Janet Morse[1]

Other Fannish Focal Points

Brynn writes fic for other Canadian shows and movies, in particular, Hard Core Logo and Slings & Arrows. She is an enthusiastic aficionado of the musical and acting talents of Hugh Dillon, and she likes it when people say nice things about him.

In extra-Canadian fandoms, she has written fanfic for Alias, Buffy, Firefly, Supernatural, and Battlestar Galactica.

Fandom Organising

Brynn devised and created Pacificon, a multi-fandom Seattle-based fan convention first held in March 2008.

She co-moderates a Due South LJ community for the enjoyment of Ray/Ray and FKV fans called ds_raysquared and ran Hard Core Hero, a Hard Core Logo/Guitar Hero challenge, in May/June 2008. Her co-mod in both these endeavors was SDWolfpup.

Brynn was one of three DS Match moderators in 2008, along with sageness and china shop.

In 2007, Brynn and justbreathe80 ran Less Is More Day, an informal challenge that promoted kissing snippets.

Writing Style

China Shop in ds_profiles says of BrynnMcK's due South stories:

"Brynn's writing is notable for her excellent characterization, dialogue and humor. She writes relationships that glow with warmth and affection, and she works within canon to tease out small moments into larger emotional connections. She gives great humor, especially in her wonderful, wonderful Vecchio POV, and she doesn't let her characters shy away from the conflict they need to work through to grow closer. In short, her writing is vivid and detailed, and generally makes me flail with glee." [2]

She's well-known for her BSG Pilots-at-the-Academy fic, "Laws of Gravity,"[3] an in-depth, emotional Kara/Lee fic that wraps itself in canon and makes the show itself mean even more in context of the story.

Notable Works

Due South




  • Three's a Crowd, Elaine POV
  • Just Geography, for DS Match 2007. Long, extra-satisfying first-time fic. Brynn takes her time, first getting Vecchio and Kowalski together and building that relationship so that it's solid and real, before taking the final step of adding Fraser to the mix.

(Note: works from other fandoms still to be listed.)


  1. ^ Janet Morse is a one-shot Due South character from the third season episode "Bounty Hunter". She's played by Canadian actor Wendy Crewson.
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