Just Desserts (due South story)

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due South Fanfiction
Title: Just Desserts
Author(s): China Shop
Date(s): 18 August 2005
Length: 7,569 words (46K)
Genre: het
Fandom: due South
External Links: online at the author's website
online at AO3

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Just Desserts is a Fraser/Stella story by China Shop.

Reactions and Reviews

Okay, okay, I fully admit that this is a stretch as a F/K story. That being said, I still think this fits [the challenge of "Break Up"]. To be completely honest, this is a Fraser/Stella (het!), but Ray is so in the room and in the relationship, that I felt like it fit. Fraser and Ray were living in Canada together, but Ray leaves and ends up in a relationship with Vecchio back in Chicago. Stella comes to Canada to visit Fraser and find some closure on her relationship with both Rays, and Fraser and Stella end up finding comfort in each other. A really lovely and complete picture of Stella, and the story that started my little obsession with Fraser/Stella. Even if it sketches you out, this is a wonderful story by a great writer. [1]


  1. ^ 2006 rec at Rec50 by justbreathe80