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Journal Community
Name: CKR ActorFic
Date(s): Created on 8 July 2005 - Last updated on 24 September 2016
Moderator: malnpudl
Fandom: Callum Keith Rennie RPF
URL: livejournal profile

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ckr_actorfic is a locked LiveJournal community for sharing RPF about Canadian actor Callum Keith Rennie. Membership was moderated to prevent non-CKR fans and people who disliked RPF from getting in.

According to a disappointed commenter at fail_fandomanon, most of the fic was Hard Core Logo RPF rather than Due South RPF.[1]

Community rules:

1. You may post your own CKR fic or rec the CKR fic of others.

2. All ratings, pairings and genres are accepted, including multiple partners, kink and het. *g*

3. Absolutely no posting of any author's story without their express permission. And just to be on the safe side, no posting of offers to e-mail a fic without having the author's permission to do so. If you know of the location of a story somewhere on a public web page, feel free to share the link. If at any time any author requests that their fic or a link to their fic be taken down, we will honor that request asap.

4. Outside links and cross-posting are both fine.

5. If you post the full text of a story, please use an lj-cut tag.

6. Obviously, all fic should contain CKR doing his thing, whatever you perceive his thing to be (or at least copious mention of CKR by other characters if he's not actively in the story).

7. No flaming, trolling, or spamming, or you'll be banned.

8. In addition to fic, also welcome in this journal are:
-facts and news about CKR,
-questions about CKR,
-the sharing of pics & icons of our man (pics & icons should focus on the actor rather than his characters; please use lj-cut tags for posting these too),
-stories about real-life fan encounters,
-random conversation fic (like this),
-beta requests or offers,
-writing challenges,
-plot bunny adoptions,
-and polite discussion of 'the issues of writing RPF'.[2]

As of January 2021, the community has 313 posts; 1,489 comments; and 328 members.[2]