10 reasons to hate Ray Kowalski, by Raymond Vecchio

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due South Fanfiction
Title: 10 reasons to hate Ray Kowalski, by Raymond Vecchio
Author(s): china shop
Date(s): 2005
Length: 16906 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: due South
External Links: online here at AO3
Story notes at LiveJournal

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10 reasons to hate Ray Kowalski, by Raymond Vecchio is a Ray/Ray story by china shop. It was originally posted for Due South Seekrit Santa 2005.

Reactions and Reviews

I used to think I was immune to Ray/Ray. I wanted to read it, all my favorite writers were writing it and I love both Rays equally and differently, but for whatever reason I just kept bouncing off of the fic. Turns out I was just waiting for the right Ray/Ray to come along.

Everything about this fic makes me insanely happy, such that I can't even articulate how perfect it is. I'm reduced to pointing and flailing and frantic admonitions just to "go! read!". Because really, it is perfect. It's everything I love about Due South all in one place, by turns funny and painful and achingly real, with just the right touch of magical realism to turn everything on it's head. china_shop's characters are all fabulous, but it's her Ray Vecchio here that inspires the most pointing and flailing. He's just so perfectly himself, but also so perfectly messed up; confused and struggling wit [sic] the return to a life he no longer recognizes learing [sic] to live in his own skin again. [1]


  1. ^ Crack Van rec by fairestcat, 10 Reasons to Hate Ray Kowalski (By Ray Vecchio) by china shop (NC-17), posted to livejournal 2006-01-15.