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Name: Nos4a2no9
Alias(es): Nos4a2, Nos
Type: Podfic Reader, Fan Writer, Moderator, Beta-reader
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, DC Comics, Firefly, Wilby Wonderful, Due South, 6 Degrees of Canada
URL: Out of Water: due South Fanfiction (archive link)
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Nos4a2no9 is a Canadian writer, beta-reader and podficcer. She has been active in various fandoms since 1996, and has written BtVS, DC Comics, and Firefly stories. Since 2006 she has been exclusively active in due South and 6 Degrees of Canada fandom. Her firsthand experience with the environment and culture of northern Canada has heavily influenced her fanfiction and meta works.


  • Moderates dS Recs Redux.
  • Twice served as Captain for dS Flashfiction's dS Match challenge.
  • Contributed three articles to dS Workshop, two of which discuss various aspects of life in northern Canada.
  • Organized CanCon, a small, slash-friendly convention for LiveJournal-based due South fans in August 2008, in Toronto, Ontario.

History in Fandom

History in due South

Writing style

Nos’ writing style is described by umbrella half in ds_profiles as "powerful":

"It’s got the ability to get into your head and stay there, rattling around and making you think about the story and the characters all day. Others have pointed out the connection to the landscape that Nos’ writing has, and that’s something I’d certainly agree on – the sense of place in the stories, whether it’s in the wild north of Canada or downtown Chicago, is solid and very satisfying. There’s also a lot of detail to Nos’ work, a layering up of little things and big things that draws the reader in and keeps them firmly grounded in the story."[1]

Notable Works

dS Workshop Posts

due South stories

  • In Another Place, Not Here
  • Price of Distance (Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17) Fraser told Ray once that he hated the city. Except, being Fraser, he'd said, "Prince George is symbolic of the devastation of the natural resources of northern Canada." Ray had nodded like he'd understood, and then he'd gone back to nipping and sucking at the soft skin of Fraser's earlobe. It was only later, much later, after his temporary visa had expired and he'd finally faced reality and moved south to Bellingham, that Ray realized what Fraser had actually said. He can't do life in the big city anymore, not even for Ray.

Wilby Wonderful stories

  • Quiet in Drowning (Duck/Buddy, Duck/OMC, NC-17, warnings for quite graphic violence and non-con). A beautiful, heart-breaking, picture of Duck, and an exploration of why he is the way he is in the film.



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