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Name: Brooklinegirl
Alias(es): witchbaby
Type: Fan writer, convention organizer
Fandoms: The Sentinel, Due South, 6 Degrees of Canada, Hard Core Logo, A-Team, My Chemical Romance, others
URL: Happy Friend Box (previously
brooklinegirl at LiveJournal
brooklinegirl at AO3
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Brooklinegirl is the writer most often credited with creating the Garrettverse (co-created with Estrella), a relatively rare instance of RPS in The Sentinel fandom. She founded the slash con Muskrat Jamboree in 2007.


Brooklinegirl has been a writer in the due South fandom since 2004 and in C6D fandoms, most commonly Real Person Slash. She was also a prolific Bandom writer, writing mostly Frank/Gerard.

Writing Style

sionnain says in ds_profiles that:

" Brooklinegirl was one of the very first authors I read when I came stumbling into [due South] fandom, and one of the reasons why I fell headlong into Kowalski/Vecchio as a pairing and never looked back. I really like the way she writes tension of all kinds; personal tension, UST, you name it. The dynamics between her characters are always so realistic and multi-layered, and again, the tension is almost tangible and leaps off of the page without veering into overt angry antagonism […] Also, she writes some of the absolutely hottest fics I have ever, ever read. HOLY COW. You read them and then think maybe you better throw yourself into an ice bath before you turn into a pile of fangirl-shaped ashes. Not even kidding, here. I love her Vecchio a lot, he's so delightfully snarky and tinged with a little world-weariness from his time in Vegas, without being completely subsumed by angst. Kowalski is delightfully prickly and moody, cocky and pushy and smart. Together, they make me SQUEAK WITH JOY. " [1]

Notable Works

due South

  • florida, Kowalski/Vecchio (2006)
  • The Long Way Home, Fraser/Vecchio/Kowalski (2005)
  • It Never Rains, But it Pours, Frannie Vecchio/various (2006)
  • Girls Girls Girls, Fraser/Kowalski (2005)
  • Take Another Road, Kowalski/Vecchio (2008). ds_profiles rec: "It's road trip fic and the dynamic between Kowalski and Vecchio is so *perfect*. It's not overt I HATE YOU antagonism, but nor is it a happy easy friendship; it's complicated, gritty, funny, sweet, and HI, SO, SO HOT."
  • Gas Food Lodging, Kowalski/Vecchio (2004). ds_profiles rec: "THIS IS HOT LIKE A HOT THING THAT IS HOT. The tension that builds between them and then just snaps--so awesome. Also this features wall sex, and some of the hottest sex!dialog EVER."
  • In a Little While, Kowalski/Vecchio (2006). ds_profiles rec: "Twitchy, nervous Kowalski who tries and tries to be a tough guy, or to be all smooth and suave, and totally fails. This story is lovely in its quietness, and very sweet in the relationship that emerges between them."
  • Long Road (Long Ride Home), Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio (2007). It occurred to Ray that, just as he'd expected Fraser to be there in Chicago when he got back, his mind had also erased any trace of Kowalski from the picture.
  • Half a Chance, Fraser/Kowalski (2005)
  • Train Job, Fraser/Kowalski (2004)
  • Ex Libris, Fraser/Kowalski (2005)


  • Alone So Far (Hugh Dillon/Benton Fraser, Canadian Actor RPS/due South, NC17). ds_profiles rec: "Of course Fraser would show up and try and be helpful to a fellow Canadian. Benton Fraser referring to Hugh Dillon as a ruffian is never going to be anything other than REALLY AWESOME."



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