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Name: Brooklinegirl
Type: Fan writer, convention organizer
Fandoms: The Sentinel, Due South, 6 Degrees of Canada, Hard Core Logo, A-Team, My Chemical Romance
URL: Happy Friend Box
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Brooklinegirl is the writer most often credited with creating the Garrettverse (co-created with Estrella), a relatively rare instance of RPS in The Sentinel fandom. She founded the slash con Muskrat Jamboree in 2007.


Brooklinegirl has been a writer in the due South fandom since 2004 and in C6D fandoms, most commonly Real Person Slash. She was also a prolific Bandom writer, writing mostly Frank/Gerard.

Writing style

sionnain says in ds_profiles that:

" Brooklinegirl was one of the very first authors I read when I came stumbling into [due South] fandom, and one of the reasons why I fell headlong into Kowalski/Vecchio as a pairing and never looked back. I really like the way she writes tension of all kinds; personal tension, UST, you name it. The dynamics between her characters are always so realistic and multi-layered, and again, the tension is almost tangible and leaps off of the page without veering into overt angry antagonism […] Also, she writes some of the absolutely hottest fics I have ever, ever read. HOLY COW. You read them and then think maybe you better throw yourself into an ice bath before you turn into a pile of fangirl-shaped ashes. Not even kidding, here. I love her Vecchio a lot, he's so delightfully snarky and tinged with a little world-weariness from his time in Vegas, without being completely subsumed by angst. Kowalski is delightfully prickly and moody, cocky and pushy and smart. Together, they make me SQUEAK WITH JOY. " [1]

Notable Works

due South

  • In a Little While (Kowalski/Vecchio) Twitchy, nervous Kowalski who tries and tries to be a tough guy, or to be all smooth and suave, and totally fails. This story is lovely in its quietness, and very sweet in the relationship that emerges between them.
  • Long Road(Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio) It occurred to Ray that, just as he'd expected Fraser to be there in Chicago when he got back, his mind had also erased any trace of Kowalski from the picture.
  • Half a Chance


  • Alone So Far (Hugh Dillon/Benton Fraser, Canadian Actor RPS/due South, NC17) Of course Fraser would show up and try and be helpful to a fellow Canadian. Benton Fraser referring to Hugh Dillon as a ruffian is never going to be anything other than REALLY AWESOME.



  1. sionnain, due South Author Profile: brooklinegirl posted on 15 February 2010 (Accessed 8 March 2010)