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Name: Aria
Alias(es): ariastar
Type: Fan writer
Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica, C6D, Dark is Rising, Doctor Who, due South, Good Omens, Hard Core Logo, Harry Potter, Life on Mars, Slings & Arrows, Young Wizards
URL: Aria on AO3
ficjournal on Dreamwidth
ficjournal on LiveJournal
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Aria has been a writer in the due South fandom since early 2009 and has written in C6D fandoms Battlestar Galactica (Kara/Leoben), Hard Core Logo, My Life As A Dog and Slings & Arrows. Aside from fic, she has also written quite a lot of due South meta, mostly on episodes of the show. She has also written in Doctor Who and its related fandoms (various pairings but notably Doctor/Master) and, like many relatively prolific writers, has written several fics in miscellaneous fandoms.

Writing style

luzula in ds_profiles says about Aria's due South writing:

"Aria's writing ranges from light and funny, to heartwarming, to tense and angsty. She likes the magical realism aspects of due South and writes them wonderfully. Her dialogue is delightful, and she has a talent for letting the characters shine through, so that I love them even more." [1]

Notable Works

due South

  • Katabasis (Fraser/Kowalski, R, 17,000 words). Ray finds that Fraser has gone off into the Borderlands, and goes after him. This is a rewriting of the Orpheus and Eurydice myth as a due South story, with Bob Fraser making an appearance, naturally.
  • Magnetic (Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, R, 20,900 words). This is a delightful post-CotW story where Fraser, Ray and Ray realize that they belong together. There is tension, sexual and otherwise, but it's also a very warm and loving story.


  • And Count Myself a King of Infinite Space (Hard Core Logo/Slings & Arrows, Geoffrey Tennant and Billy Tallent gen, R, 5700 words). This story brings out interesting parallels and connections between HCL and S&A. Also, there is Joe Dick's ghost, which can only be FTW.

Dark is Rising


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