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Name: A.C. Chapin
Alias(es): p.q. laertes
Type: Archivist, Fan writer
Fandoms: Batman, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, due South, Forever Knight, Ghostbusters, Jeeves & Wooster, Lord of the Rings, Labyrinth, Profiler, Quantum Leap, Shakespeare, She Wolf of London, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Vertigo Comics, X-Files
URL: - The Fake Book
- A.C. Chapin's Stories at the due South Archive
- CERK Radio Toronto (archived, Archived version)
- pqlaertes at Archive of Our Own
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A.C. Chapin is a prolific writer in numerous fandoms. Her prose fiction and poetry are archived on her website, The Fake Book.


A.C. Chapin was founder of the due South Archive, served as archivist in 1994, and was an early writer in the due South fandom. In Forever Knight fandom she considered herself to be a Cousin, i.e. a follower of the character LaCroix.

Writing style

In due South Author Profiles, Aingeal says:

"AC Chapin's style is hard to pin down. She's very good at the slightly darker aspects of emotion; of want and need and love and regret all bound up together. However her lighter fluff is also lovely and her F/V has the hallmark of great banter. She's also very good at Ray Vecchio and his emotional turmoil, but her Fraser too is perfectly realised. They come across as human beings above all. Human and with human flaws." [1]

Notable Works


due South

  • Across (Fraser/Vecchio, PG). A dark supernatural fic. Not only does it have that 'crack' element it's also a perfect study of the Fraser/Vecchio relationship in terms of give and take.
  • Acharnement(Fraser/Vecchio, R). A wonderful study of give and take and need. There's an undercurrent of real dark emotion in this too. It shows the complexity of Fraser/Vecchio.
  • A Motion Not My Own (Vecchio/Angie, PG). This is a bittersweet fic looking at the end of the relationship between Ray Vecchio and Angie. It's just heartbreaking.
  • Pancakes (Gen, G). Hilarious and entirely dialogue. A typical morning in the Vecchio home. The voices come through so clearly. As does the chaos.
  • The Spelling Lesson (Fraser/Vecchio, G). Fraser unintentionally critiques a line of Ray's poetry. The banter is brilliant and the sweetness not too overwhelming.

Forever Knight


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