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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: The Fake Book
Author: A.C. Chapin
Dates: 05 June 1997 or before (oldest Wayback capture) - 2009
Fandom: Batman, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, due South, Forever Knight, Ghostbusters, Jeeves & Wooster, The Lord of the Rings, Labyrinth, Profiler, Quantum Leap, Shakespeare, She Wolf of London, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Vertigo Comics, The X-Files
URL: (Wayback)
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The Fake Book is A.C. Chapin's archive of her fan fiction and fan poetry. It was originally part of her personal website, and then pulled out separately and put on GeoCities (at under the pen name "p. q. laertes". When all GeoCities sites were taken down by Yahoo! in 2009, a copy of The Fake Book was preserved in its entirety by the Forever Knight Website Archive. All this author's fic is now housed under the account pqlaertes at Archive of Our Own.

At the top of the index page, it says:

"This is a small archive of fiction by p. q. laertes. It is very unlikely that this page will be updated, as p. q. laertes will not be writing any more fic."


The following is taken from the index to The Fake Book.


  • "Gotham's Child"
    Graffito seen in the Gotham subway.
  • "Myth of the Bat"
    A Forever Knight crossover. The Joker makes a visit to Toronto, and Batman meets LaCroix.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • "Alternative Lifestyle"
    Rated PG. Her Watcher captured, the Slayer finds herself in a strange place where her parents are still alive, Drusilla's soul was never restored, and Rupert Giles doesn't even wear leather. (Art by Totally Bogus Press) Nominated for "Best Buffy," "Best Romance," and "Best Drama" in the Halo Awards.
  • "The Angel Line"
    Harmless merriment.
  • "Bloodsucker"
    Giles must rely on his wits to defeat a Sunnydale horror that thrives on blood.
  • "I Get Breathless at the Buzzing of the Bike"
    A G&S Filk from the Ripperverse.
  • "Lesson"
    A drabble. Giles and Willow have a little talk about Magick.
  • "May 10, 1976"
    A Doctor Who/Hellblazer crossover written for my birthday. John Constantine's birthday party.
  • "Sleeping Beauty"
    Death and mercy.
  • "Some Small Kindness"
    Rated R. Shattered in the aftermath of "Becoming", Giles has a visit from Ethan Rayne (slash)
  • "Star Light..."
    Rated PG. A drabble. Buffy makes a wish.


  • "Ofermod I & II"
    Two poems. Even after "His Way", Odo still can't quite trust in his own good fortune.
  • "Wet Dream"
    Rated R A silly drabble -- Odo, Kira, and a bathtub.

Due South

  • "Acharnement"
    (Due Credit 1999 Winner, Best Fraser/Ray Vecchio; Due Credit 1999 2nd Place, Best Slash NC17) Rated R. Fraser's increasing loneliness leads him to an desperate encounter. Probably the piece I put the most work into. (slash)
  • "Across"
    Our Boys as vampires, in response to Cat Dudka's Undead Benny/Forever Fraser Challenge.
  • "Before"
    Rated R. Our Boys, pre-pilot, a drabble.
  • "The Benny Horror Picture Show
    A couple of silly, slashy filks.
  • "Cats, Sigh."
    (Due Credit Nominee 1999) Kittens for everyone. Except Dief. Poor Dief.
  • "Could I Revive Within Me"
    (Due Credit Nominee 1999) Rated PG Fortitude Pass.
  • "Facile Princeps"
    (Due Credit 1999, 3rd Place Fraser/Other Woman) What if Fraser and Francesca were married? My response to the run of benny&meggy stories.
  • "Getting Mucklucky"
    Rated PG A drabble for James -- m/m h/c silly, with muckluks in the corner.
  • "Just This"
    Rated PG F/F slash and a death, my response to the run of meggie vs. frannie stories.
  • "Lessons in Woodcraft"
    an acrostic drabble poem -- Ray and Benny in the woods (slashy)
  • "A Motion Not My Own"
    (Due Credit 1999, 3rd Place Ray Vecchio/Other Woman) Rated DM. A companion to CIRWM. Ray and Ange spend the last night of their marriage together.
  • "Not Even Inuit Stories"
    (Due Credit 1999, 2nd Place Ray Vecchio/Other Woman) One of my best pieces. When one of Fraser's stories fails to have the usual effect, Ray goes to Ange.
  • "Pancakes"
    (Due Credit Nominee 1999) Saturday morning at the Vecchio house
  • "The Spelling Lesson"
    Benny tries to help Ray with his spelling, but ends up learning something himself. (slashy)
  • "Tom Sawyer's Island"
    Benny and Ray discover a little Secret from the past at Disneyworld.
  • "Totidem Verbis"
    Rated R An intimate conversation between Ray and Ben. (slash)
  • "Unlocked Room Mystery"
    Rated PG A drabble on Fraser's apartment.
  • "Wednesday Morning"
    Frannie and Pop have a little talk.

Doctor Who

  • "Brief Encounters, Brief Lives"
    A Sandman crossover vignette. Brief Lives was a Sandman story arc, and Brief Encounters used to be a vignette feature in DWM.
  • "Crying Wolf"
    A followup to The Curse of Fenric written with lots of help from Amy Steele. Appeared in Sonic Screwdriver.
  • "It's Got Three Sides"
    Rated R. A drabble. What Tegan and Turlough were doing while the Doctor was away during the events of Triangle.
  • "May 10, 1976"
    A Hellblazer/Buffy crossover written for my birthday. John Constantine's birthday party.
  • "Opening"
    A Books of Magic crossover. The Doctor rescues Tim Hunter from alien invaders, but when the TARDIS is invaded, it will take both of them to save Tegan, Turlough and themselves.
  • "Popcorn"
    Ace and the Doctor peruse the TARDIS video library. Amy Steele-inspired silliness.
  • "The Splintering"
    A Sandman/Hellblazer/Stranger crossover. The Doctor and Ace try to avoid the fate the NAs hold for them.
  • "Triangle"
    Rated R. The Seventh Doctor sends the Fifth Doctor to see Ace after "Love and War"

Forever Knight

  • "And Ever After"
    A drabble -- what if Nick did become mortal?
  • "And For Her"
    A Nigel's Birthday Drabble. What do you give The Ravenette for her birthday?
  • "The Crucible of Pillows"
    Nick finds true happiness through his dreams.
  • "Echoes After Night"
    Rated R. Nick and Dr. Amanda Turner learn about themselves in the aftermath of "Night in Question"
  • "Elegies for My Daughter"
    A poem. LaCroix mourns for Divia.
  • "LaCroix's Valentine"
    A pantoum for "Be My Valentine". Also printed in Forever Net 5.
  • "Many Happy Returns"
    A Nigel's Birthday Drabble. Uncle dreams up the perfect gift.
  • "Myth of the Bat"
    A Batman Crossover. The Joker visits Toronto and Batman meets Lacroix. Probably the most fun I've had writing.
  • "No Child of His"
    Rated R. A drabble set after "Ashes to Ashes". (posted and forgotten about in 1998.
  • "Nightlong Pantoum -- Skyline"
    A poem. The women in Nick's life across time.
  • "Outside the Window"
    Rated R. (1997 Nominee FKFF award, 1998 Winner FKFF award) Nick doesn't make love to Natalie.
  • "The Raven Flown"
    Rated R. Nick missing Janette.
  • "A Real Pleasure, Don"
    A Nigel's Birthday Drabble. To absent friends.
  • "Solo for Three Voices"
    A drabble -- Vachon considers Family.
  • "Stumbling Block"
    A meditation on Nick and Fic.
  • "With Greatest Admiration"
    A Nigel's Birthday Drabble. Natalie gets a surprise.


  • "Dressing Down"
    A drabble, Janine finally gets Egon to notice her.

Jeeves & Wooster

  • "Jeeves and the Forbidden Vice"
    Jeeves has been warned about this. (slash)

Lord of the Rings

  • "Cirith Ungol, A Fragment"
    Poem. What happens when you spend too long in the appendices.
  • "Grist"
    Sam and Ted Sandyman have words. (slash)
  • "Promises, Promises: a Cinquenta"
    The other side of the Sea.


  • "Jareth in Feathers"
    A poem. After 13:00, Jareth pays the price for failure. Probably my favorite piece.


  • "A Contrecoeur"
    Rated R Sam gives in.
  • "Jack Loves Sam"
    An acrostic drabble. A love letter from Jack.
  • "Kindness of Strangers"
    Sam is helped by a good Samaritan.

Quantum Leap

  • "Bilingual"
    A drabble. Sam finally returns home, to find that time is not always kind.
  • "Oh, Boy"
    Between leaps, Sam remembers something essential.


  • "Wittenberg"
    Hamlet slash in a convenient sonnet packaging.

She Wolf of London

  • "Homebodies"
    Ian and Randi move back to London and find the perfect new apartment. Except for the ghost. (Set after "Mystical Pizza") -- The longest story I've posted so far.
  • "Letter to Charlie"
    Randi writes a last letter to Charlie Beaudine (Before CKtK).
  • "Sleeping Habits"
    One full moon night. (Set in LA)

Vertigo Comics

  • "Brief Encounters, Brief Lives"
    A Doctor Who/Sandman crossover set during Brief Lives.
  • "May 10, 1976"
    A Doctor Who / Buffy / Hellblazer crossover written for my birthday. John Constantine's birthday party.
  • "Opening"
    A Doctor Who/Books of Magic crossover. The Doctor rescues Tim Hunter from alien invaders, but when the TARDIS is invaded, it will take both of them to save Tegan, Turlough and themselves.
  • "The Splintering"
    A Doctor Who/Stranger/Sandman/Hellblazer crossover featuring Death and John Constantine.

X Files

  • "The Angle of the Wrist"
    Rated R Weeks after "Memento Mori", the symptoms Mulder begins to see drive him to make an offering of tenderness.

Miscellaneous Limericks

  • Buffy, DS9, Profiler, Xena, 10th Kingdom.