Alternative Lifestyle

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Title: Alternative Lifestyle
Author(s): A.C. Chapin
Date(s): 1999
Length: 25kb
Genre: het
Fandom: Buffyverse
External Links: online here

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Alternative Lifestyle is a Buffyverse story by A.C. Chapin.

The pairing is Buffy/Giles (Annie/Ripper).

Reactions and Reviews

AU. In an alternate universe, Annie (Buffy) and her watcher are lovers - and the Angelus is killing off their friends one by one. Finally, desperately, Annie uses a spell that takes her through to "our" universe to search for help.

Sunset -- time to kill things. By the time the sky's turned indigo, Ripper lands us at the edge of one of those dried-up towns where even the local vampire king lives in a silver trailer with a satellite dish out front. I trade riding gear for hunting gear and lock down the top on the sidecar while Ripper polishes bolts and practically gives head to the engine. That's my Watcher.

This is a very interesting story and well-written. The Annie and Ripper in the AU universe are Buffy and Giles - and yet they aren't. The darkness and horror of the alternate universe is there, but painted in broad strokes and not shoved right in the reader's face, for those who are (like me) squeamish about too many graphic details of the torture. My only complaint is that an AU like this would lend itself to a much longer story - this brief look is tantalising and made me want to read the whole story of how Annie and Ripper got where they were.[1]


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