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Name: Dira Sudis
Alias(es): dsudis, dira
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: many, among others Numb3rs, due South, Bandom, Stargate, Generation Kill, Vorkosigan Saga, Teen Wolf...
URL: Homepage: Words Words Words

AO3: dsudis
Dreamwidth/Livejournal: dira/dsudis
Twitter: dsudis

Tumblr: dsudis
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Dira Sudis is a very prolific fan writer who has been writing fic since at least 2002.

Dira Sudis has made a blanket statement permitting further transformation of her fanworks.[1]

Dira is probably one of the most talented writers in any fandom. She's equally comfortable with epic, plotty stories as she is with short, emotionally intense stories. Her writing ranges from gen to smoking hot NC17. And she excels at characterization - from Dief to Fraser to RayK to RayV to Frannie - she gets them. But more, not only does she understand what motivates and moves these characters, but she also speaks with their voices, clearly and concisely. It's a rare skill and she uses it to her advantage. My only complaint about Dira is that she left due South fandom much too soon.[2]

Example Works


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