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Fraser/Kowalski Fanfiction
Title: Hate Story
Author(s): Dira Sudis
Date(s): 05/18/03
Length: 8K (file size); 2134 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: due South
External Links: at Dira Sudis's website

at the DSA

at AO3

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Hate Story is a Fraser/RayK story by Dira Sudis.

Reactions and Reviews

I really hate this story.

I hate how Dira manages to tell an entire story from the opposite, and make it work better than some straight forward stories I've read. I hate how she manages to nail both Fraser AND Ray's personalities in one fic, even though Fraser isn't even present for most of it. I hate the way the first time I read it I was awed, and amazed and blown away at the sheer fucking brilliance of it.

I really hate that.

I hate how anything Dira writes is enough to make me want to close up MS Word forever and ever, and stick to knitting and ceramics in my spare time, because I'll never write anything as wonderful as this. There are lots of paragraphs I hate, but I hate this one most of all:

I hate him for that night halfway into our adventure, when he zipped our sleeping bags together. I hate the calm way he told me we had to conserve body heat. I hate the way he was half a breath away from doing the math on BTUs and surface area and insulation to prove to me that, yeah, we really did have to share. I hate the way his eyes twinkled the whole time he said it, and the way he left me without a word to argue.

I hate the way he rolled over to me that night, tucked his face against my throat, and whispered a few words that changed everything.

I hate that more than any paragraph in any fan fiction ever, and every time I read it I hate it even more.

Except, not.

Because this story is absolutely perfect and you all need to go read it and hate it right now. [1]


  1. ^ 2004 rec at Crack Van