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This page is about the fandom. You may be looking for the LiveJournal community generation_kill.

Name: Generation Kill
Abbreviation(s): GK
Creator: Evan Wright, David Simon, Ed Burns
Date(s): 2004, 2008
Medium: Book, Television miniseries
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: (Book on Wikipedia); (Miniseries on IMDB); HBO site; (Community on Livejournal)
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Generation Kill is a 2004 book written by Rolling Stone journalist Evan Wright about his experiences as an embedded journalist during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. He embedded with Bravo Company of the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion of the United States Marine Corps and stayed with the company as they pushed into Baghdad.


In 2008 David Simon and Ed Burns of The Wire fame adapted Wright's book into a well-received miniseries. It starred Alexander Skarsgård as Brad Colbert, James Ransone as Ray Person, Stark Sands as Nate Fick, and Lee Tergeson as Evan Wright.

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Fan Response

Generation Kill fandom has a very peculiar approach to RPF. Though technically all "characters" are real people (as described in the book), the majority of fans makes it a point to attach a disclaimer to all their work stating they base their fanworks on the fictional characters as portrayed in the HBO miniseries.

In the generation_kill Livejournal community, all fanworks are friendslocked and not available to the public.

At the very beginning, fans were hesitant in moving their work and posting to Archive of Our Own because of concerns about who might have access to their fics. Some, when posting to AO3 made the fics available only to registered AO3 users.

Notable Fanworks

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