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Name(s): HBO War Fandom
Scope/Focus: Band of Brothers, Generation Kill, The Pacific
Date(s): 2010-
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The HBO War Fandom consists of fans of The Pacific, Band of Brothers and Generation Kill. The fandom is named after HBO, the channel all three miniseries were broadcast on. The three miniseries are occasionally referred to as the "HBO War Trinity" or just "the war trinity." After the release of The Pacific in 2010, HBO War Fandom became a popular self-referential term for fans who want to explicitly identify themselves as fans of all three shows. HBO War Fandom is less likely to be used as a term referring solely to the the source-texts. It is more often used to identify the network of fans of the miniseries. HBO War Fandom is not exclusive to fans of all three miniseries however; for example, a fan who only likes The Pacific and Band of Brothers might still identify as part of the HBO War Fandom.

HBO War Fandom is very active on Tumblr, with near-daily posts of original fanworks, usually graphics and memes. Fan activity on Livejournal and Dreamwidth is slightly more muted and tends produce more fanfiction. HBO War Fandom is fairly slash-friendly, likely due to the series' emphasis on male friendships and dearth of female characters. Pairings that are popular in each series' single fandom tend to be popular in HBO War Fandom as well. Series crossovers seemed to be more popular on livejournal and dreamwidth and are more commonly found in fanfic over other fanworks. Series crossovers take place often, but not always, in AU fanworks. Crossover fanworks, despite including characters from any of the series, often tend to keep their pairings exclusive to each fandom. There are some exceptions, most notably "Snafgott," or Snafu(The Pacific)/Liebgott(Band of Brothers), and Snafu(The Pacific)/Roe(Band of Brothers).

Note that while some fans in the HBO War Fandom might refer to the fandom simply as "war fandom," other fans use "war fandom" more broadly, including televisions series such as M*A*S*H and Changi or movies like Inglourious Basterds under the "war fandom" umbrella.



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