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Journal Community
Date(s): created in September 2009
Moderator: templemarker, perpet_fic and shoshannagold
Founder: ??
Type: Holiday fic exchange
Fandom: Generation Kill
URL: http://yagkyas.livejournal.com/profile

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YAGKYAS stands for You ain't Generation Kill, You ain't shit and it's a holiday fanfiction exchange community founded in 2009. It's a Generation Kill specific exchange extremely popular in the fandom.

Assignments Controversy

YAGKYAS mods assign fics using a random method with no regards to participants' preferences regarding pairings and characters they would like to write for. The biggest problem participants had/have was when Brad/Nate fans and writers were forced to write Brad/Ray fics (and vice versa) - something they found really hard at times. This resulted in some (a lot?) frustration on the participants' part. The mods were contacted at some point with questions (who?) about the possibility of changing the way assignments are handled.